Shin: Godzilla. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

5 creative ways that Singapore could trounce Godzilla

Aug 24th, 2016 Action, Disaster, Science Fiction Marcus Goh 7 min read

Singapore’s a tiny island nation that, against all odds, flourished into the amazing country that it is today. We’re basically underdogs who always manage to punch above our weight class. So if there’s one country that can defeat Godzilla, it’d be Singapore! Stop laughing. It’s true. We wiped out kidnappings. Banned chewing gum for the good of our trains (imagine how many more breakdowns we would…


[Giveaway inside] Kickstarting GV’s 8th Love & Pride Film Festival with Jake Witzenfeld

Aug 22nd, 2016 Adult Themes, Arthouse Rachel Chan 7 min read

Last Friday, a full-house audience helped kickstart Golden Village’s 8th annual Love & Pride Film Festival with a screening of Oriented, a documentary by new filmmaker Jake Witzenfeld, who showed up at the end of the movie to take questions via Skype. The 86-minute film was whittled down from more than 25 hours of footage taken by following three Palestinian friends exploring their national and sexual…

Gild Tesoro (Kazuhiro Yamaji) in One Piece Film: Gold. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Not even Iron Man is richer than this anime character – guess who

Aug 22nd, 2016 Action, Adventure, Animation, Child-friendly, Fantasy Marcus Goh 7 min read

Films are the fulfilment of our fantasies, and virtually everyone’s fantasy is to be super rich. After all, how else does Iron Man afford all his suits (and planes and buildings)? But it’s not enough to be rich. You have to be the richest man in that movie’s universe, otherwise every Tom, Dick and Harry would be able to buy a suit of armour that flies and…

Lights Out. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

5 reasons why Singaporeans should turn the Lights Out

Aug 22nd, 2016 Horror Marcus Goh 6 min read

Lights Out is this horror movie where the ghost appears in the dark – and only in the dark. She vanishes when the lights are on, but attacks you ferociously when the lights are off. For some reason the protagonist still switches off the lights despite knowing a ghost is out there – maybe she didn’t want to sleep with a blindfold on? But switching…


[Giveaway inside] Get Oriented with GV’s 8th Love & Pride Film Festival

Aug 18th, 2016 Adult Themes, Arthouse, Documentary, GV Exclusive Rachel Chan 5 min read

How complicated can life get when you’re Muslim, your family is the mafia, you live in Tel Aviv, and your boyfriend is Jewish? Oh, did I mention also that you’re also gay? This is not fiction; it is a true story. Oriented is a documentary which follows the lives of three Palestinian friends exploring their national and sexual identity in Tel Aviv during the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict….

The BFG. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

5 adult stories you never knew Roald Dahl wrote (for mature audiences only)

Aug 18th, 2016 Adventure, Animation, Child-friendly, Fantasy Marcus Goh 7 min read

We all know Roald Dahl as the loveable writer of children’s stories like The BFG, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and James and the Giant Peach. He would never write something as explicit as a story about a seductress who goes around the world stealing the sperm of famous men, or how a cheating spouse finds out that she’s also being cheated on, right? Except…

Ben-Hur. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

5 cheap and modern ways Ben-Hur could have settled his beef with Messala

Aug 18th, 2016 Action, Adventure, Drama Marcus Goh 6 min read

In Ben-Hur (both the timeless classic and the upcoming remake), the eponymous character ends his feud with Messala in a spectacular chariot race that is actually just the F1 with horses. While that is a really awesome way to end any dispute, it’s not very practical for the average person. In fact, it wasn’t even very practical back then, because it’s not like the plebians…

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

5 Final Fantasy films and TV shows that all true fans must catch

Aug 10th, 2016 Action, Adventure, Animation, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Superheroes, War Marcus Goh 7 min read

Goblin Punch, the Four Fiends, and Excalipoor. If you know what all these terms mean – congratulations, you’re a Final Fantasy fan! You’ve probably been playing Final Fantasy since it was in its full 8-bit glory (and fences were a severe obstacle for the player characters) (actually, fences are still an obstacle for player characters). But are you a true, die hard fan? Did you collect all…

Line Walker (使徒行者). Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

6 problems with going undercover in Singapore that nobody talks about

Aug 8th, 2016 Action, Asian Cinema, Crime, Drama, Thriller Marcus Goh 8 min read

In Line Walker (使徒行者), we see almost every character (save one) go undercover at some point or the other. This will inevitably prompt discussions about how Singapore should make an undercover cop drama (film, television, or otherwise), which is an exciting proposition! Except… it’s not going to work in Singapore, not in this day and age anyway. It’s a small country and there are hardly enough…

Suicide Squad. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

5 baddies who should be in Singapore’s version of the Suicide Squad

Aug 5th, 2016 Action, Comedy, Superheroes Marcus Goh 7 min read

Suicide Squad is about the eponymous team of super powered criminals who are sent on suicide missions to save the world (since they’re facing life sentences anyway). Super villain teams are always fun, especially when they have to go against their normally devious traits to save the world. So what would Singapore’s Suicide Squad look like? For one, it’ll probably be named the Si-Liao Squad, since…