Types of Eagles – The Undisputed Apex Predators of The Skies

Whenever someone mentions about bird species, they take the name of the eagle separately. Unlike all the other birds, eagles are known for their overbearing presence and also for their domination in the world of bird species. They not only soar through the vast sky, but also show the other species who is the boss of the bird kingdom.

The eagles are classifed into four types. They belong to the Accipitridae family, and you can find more than 60 species of these birds. Here are the types of eagles that rule the animal kingdom.

Fish Eagle –

As the name says, these are the types of eagles that are found abundantly near the water bodies. Their prey are the fishes and some aquatic animals. The prominent beaks, muscular bodies, and sharp talons make it easier for them to hunt their prey whenever required. The fish eagles are also known by other names such as Bald Eagles, Sea Eagles, and Steller’s Eagles.

Harpy Eagle –

Also known as the titans of tropical rainforests, these eagles are quite larger when compared to the other species of eagles. They possess crows of feathers and feathered legs and are also known by other names such as Philippine Eagles and American Harpy Eagles.

Snake Eagle –

As the name says, these are the eagle species that love hunting reptiles. They stand out with their un-feathered legs, piercing yellow eyes, large beaks and their body structure. They mainly hunt reptiles and hence are known by some other names such as Western Banded Eagles, Brown Snake Eagles, and Crested Serpent Eagles.

Booted Eagle –

Booted eagles have their feathers covering their legs like boots, hence the name. The eagles belonging to this species are comparatively smaller sized, and are known by some names such as Spanish Imperial Eagle, Golden Eagle, Mountain Hawk Eagle, and Chestnut Eagle.

Apart from these eagles mentioned above types, you can find 25 different species of eagles with unique characteristics. Eagles are mostly 40 cm in length, but some of the species can grow up to 98 or 100 cm. Their weight starts from 0.99lb and varies to 15lb.

  • Most eagles will have dark-colored eyes with blackish feathers. The eyesight of eagles is quite sharp and is comparatively 6 to 8 times stronger than that of humans.
  • The beaks of eagles are hooked and are their main weapons along with claws. The hooked shape allows them to kill their prey by tearing the flesh.
  • Eagles normally habitat in the high mountains or cliffs away from the normal bird habitat. They prefer staying near the water bodies such as rivers and lakes. They prefer seclusion and hence stay away from the areas that can cause them disturbance from human activity. You can find them nesting in some secluded areas such as undisturbed forests, extensive lands, and so on.

Eagles are the apex predators and prefer feasting on some small mammals, birds, fishes, reptiles, amphibians, crabs, and so on. You can even find them in the areas where there is abundant presence of dead flesh.

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