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Three Tips In Making Your Kitchen Party-Ready

The most beautiful time of the year is right around the corner. In this season, people are focused on putting up the best decorations for their homes. While many focus on designing areas like the living room, front or back yard, staircase, windows, and other parts of the house, the kitchen is sometimes the dullest. Remember to spruce up your dining haven by kitchen cabinet refacing Cypress alongside an elegant and festive décor.

To help you get your foot forward, here are some design ideas for an inviting and cozy kitchen countertop just in time for the holidays.

Stick to a palette that complements your kitchen

Picking the right decorations will be so much easier as long as you try to select something that has a similar aesthetic as the kitchen’s appearance. If you’re not willing to do cabinet refacing Fountain Valley, you better pick decors that complement it. You can choose some of the color palettes from our classic red and white, forest green and gray, and wintery blue and silver.

Attach designs to the backdrop too

Instead of just letting the walls be bland and plain, attach some banners, frames, or festive letterboards in it. There are a lot of inspirations you can choose from on Instagram and Pinterest to help you find the perfect backdrop décor.

Add a countertop centerpiece.

The kitchen island is naturally the focal point of your kitchen and the place where guests typically gather. To add major detail into the room, you can add a tall glass vessel and white birch branches or a medley of evergreen décor on the kitchen island.

Turn your dinnerware into decoration.

If you are keeping your holiday-themed mugs, plates, mugs, dish towels, and other kitchen staples into your cabinets, you better pull it out. Consider displaying them on the countertop and incorporate a little greenery around it.

Holiday lighting

Festive lighting can complete the overall holiday theme of the kitchen, although most people do not like it. Instead of putting Christmas-themed lights, you can add color-changing LED lights on the perimeter of your countertops or under your kitchen cabinet.

Aside from it not ruining the modern style of your kitchen, it’s also easy to switch in between different colors with just a push of a button.

For more tips and tricks concerning countertop holiday designing, visit this infographic provided by Kitchen Cabinet Refacing.

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Tips on Decorating Your Kitchen Countertop during Holidays

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