Things To Know Before Booking A Private Jet

If you want a convenient, quick, and luxurious way to get from point A to point B, a private jet is the way to go. But before you book, there are some important things you should know.

You Usually Need To Book Through A Broker

Booking a private jet is a lot different from purchasing a traditional plane ticket. Usually, booking happens through a broker. Much like a travel agent, a broker will be in contact with multiple private jet operators. The broker handles all scheduling details, and they compare different operators to find you the best rate possible.

A Good Management Team Is Important

When you fly on a private jet, there will still be staff on board to ensure that federal guidelines are being followed and that passengers are safe. Staff members also will be able to ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

The management team on a private jet can make or break your flight. Before confirming a booking, make sure you do your research. Check out reviews to find out what other passengers have had to say about their in-flight experiences.

You May Be Able To Leave From A Smaller Airport

When you fly on a private jet, you can often enjoy shorter wait times. But your commute to the airport may also be considerably shorter. Private jets can often depart from smaller airports, so you may be able to depart from a smaller airport that is close to your home.

Departing from a smaller airport also has another advantage. Since runways tend to be shorter and there aren’t usually many planes in line for takeoff, air traffic delays are rare. You can often get in the air faster than you could at a commercial airport.

There Might Still Be Luggage And Alcohol Restrictions

A lot of people assume that if they’re flying on a private jet, they can bring as much luggage as they want. However, this is not always true. Depending on the individual jet and the company that manages it, there might be limited luggage space.

Usually, if only one or two people are traveling, finding space for luggage won’t present an issue. However, if you’re traveling in a large group, there may be more space and weight restrictions. Make sure you understand any luggage restrictions before you leave for your trip!

If you’re traveling by private jet, you are legally allowed to bring your own alcohol. But the private jet company you’re working with may have its own restrictions. If you want to bring alcohol on the flight, make sure you fully understand all rules and regulations before you board!

Booking Early Is Advantageous

It’s usually possible to book a private jet with little notice. However, if you book early, you can often enjoy a few perks. For instance, if you’re chartering a private jet from San Francisco and doing it early, you may be able to select the exact aircraft you’ll fly in.

Early booking also ensures that your broker and operator can have a competent staff onboard the plane. And of course, when you book ahead of time, your broker is much more likely to be able to get you a better deal.

There Are Multiple Ways To Pay

Booking a private jet is more expensive than flying with a commercial airline. But there are a few different types of charters you can book. Most people prefer “on-demand” plane charters. This is where you only pay for the hours you spend flying.

If you’re someone who flies often you might opt to pay using jet cards. With a jet card, you purchase a set number of flight hours in advance for a certain price. Different operators have different charter options. But if you’re working with a competent broker, the broker should be able to explain the different charters to you and help you choose the best one for your needs.

Booking a private jet is certainly a unique experience, and it’s a lot different from booking a regular flight. But if you choose to take a private jet on your next adventure, you’ll be glad you did!


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