Safe and Healthy Dog Chew Toys

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Keeping your dog entertained is a must. Safe and healthy chew toys are a fantastic way of engaging your dog without over or under stimulating them. The best dog chew toys will be amazingly durable, incredibly secure and won’t pose any health or wellbeing risks to your pet. Far too many of us are happy to pick up any dog chew toy we come across without considering what they’re made of and how the design might impact your dog’s teeth and jaw. Here are a few safe and healthy dog chew toy shopping tips to help you land the right style for you and your furry friend…

When you’re browsing for your dog, it is important to pay attention to the…


When it comes to shopping for your dog toy, choosing the correct materials is very necessary in order to make the safest and kindest selection for your fluffy little friend. Rubber is a fantastic durable option that can stand its own ground against the clamps and chomps of your dog’s jaw. Make sure that you are selecting a toy that is crafted from food grade, biodegradable and non-toxic rubber. This will keep your dog safe whilst they’re enjoying playing with their new treat. If you’re browsing for alternate materials, look for high-quality polar fleece, weather proof options and high quality fibres to ensure that they are always taken care of. 


The second most essential element when selecting a dog toy is the size. Dog chew toys come in a range of different sizes, some of which vary within the same style making it easy to make the right choice for your furry friend! No matter what the size of your choice of toy, you want to be absolutely sure that your dog will not ingest or choke on any small parts or on the toy as a whole. Choose in accordance with their size and scan the toy for any smaller bits that might come off during play hours. Detachable items can come loose in even the gentlest of chew sessions, so it is incredibly important that you check, check and check again before giving your dog their brand new toy!

Why is it important to choose the right toy? 

Keeping your dog engaged with the right type of toy is vital for their safety. For one, a dedicated chew toy curbs their potential cheeky interest in household items such as shoes, electrical wires and pillows – just to name a few dangerous pieces! Dogs can injury their stomaches, mouths, eyes, nose and teeth with the wrong play thing, and those can be the less serious problems that arise. A trip to the vets can often be necessary to guarantee your dog’s safety and in more sombre cases, survival. Finding your dog the right chew toy keeps them safe and happy, it’s such a simple purchase, it is going to be far more than worth it. 

Dog Chew Toys to Browse Today…

Now that you’re sure of what it is that you’re looking for, you can start getting down to style specifics. Different toys bring different benefits, it’s up to you and what your dog most loves to do! A few of the most popular types of dog chew toys on the market include…

Treat Tonic 

Speaking of treats! A rubber toy that can stash a selection of different tasty treats will bring an extra edge of excitement during your dog’s down time! This style of toy is incredibly popular due to its durability, safety and flexibility, everything your dog needs for hours of endless entertainment. You can add so many different sneaky snacks to your treat-ready rubber chew toy! This can be kibble, soft substances such as a peanut butter or a delicious combination of both, whatever works for your dog’s appetite! 

Tug of War

Is there anything more fun than a tug of war competition with your adorable little friend? Whether your dog is small yet feisty, mid-size and ready for war or large and energetic, they are going to really love a game of tug with their favourite person in the world, you! Tug of war toys must be crafted from non-toxic rubber and accompanied by a tough, durable rope that is going to withstand all that tugging and tension from both sides of the battle! 

Snuffle Mat Styles 

Lastly, the snuffle mat styles! These are amazing because you can secure them to a surface like the wall, lower cabinets or floor and give your dog hours of adventurous fun. Hide treats in the folds of colourful polar fleece and watch your little friend dig, sniff and hunt their way towards their snacks. These provide hours of fun, perfect for when you’re getting on with chores about the house or enjoying some quiet time on the couch.

You’re now ready to find your dog some safe, healthy dog chew toys! 

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