Watch Out for These Red Flags When Looking for CBD Oil

Cannabidiol, derived from the Cannabis sativa plant, is the primary ingredient in CBD products. UK residents have taken on a liking to these products, primarily due to the purported therapeutic effect of these products. Although no definitive conclusion has been established that would solidify these claims, numerous studies have already been performed around the world to prove its efficacy.

These studies have proven that CBD oils exhibit no addictive nor intoxicating effect on humans, that’s why it is legal to buy, use and sell these products in the UK, following certain regulations. These products are not considered as controlled substances, but it would still be unlawful to claim any medicinal effect or curative properties on certain illnesses.

Many enterprising parties have jumped into the CBD bandwagon and started marketing and selling these products. A legit CBD oil shop should have lab results of tests performed on their products by third-parties readily available for prospective buyers to peruse for themselves. Legit sellers would not proud to showcase these third-party results, that would further increase their credibility.

But not all CBD shops are as lawful as these legit shops. Some may be selling products that have questionable origins or have used sub-standard materials. Such shops exhibit red flags that prospective buyers should watch out for. One red flag is the lack of third-party lab results or if the seller refuses to show such results. You can check out other red flags like these by checking out this interesting infographic from Love CBD.

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