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How to Eliminate Pet Smells in the House

There’s nothing worse than pet urine and litter box waste stinking up your house. Sure, you can call professional cleaners but you’ll wind up spending way too much. What you need is an odor eliminator that works hard without breaking the bank. 

Finding the Right Solution

Like you, I’ve run into my fair share of pet smells in the different houses and apartments I’ve rented. For the sake of my security deposit, I had to make sure I got rid of the smells before I moved out. I tried maybe a dozen different techniques and none of them really worked.

It was hard to find an odor eliminator that worked, was easy to use, and was non-toxic. My biggest fear was that I would use a chemical spray and my dog would lick it and get sick. As you go down the pet aisle, you’ll be surprised how many sprays are actually toxic which could hurt your pet in the long run.

Needs to Work Fast

There have also been instances where my dog got sick or had an accident right before I was having guests over. Of course, the first step is to act fast, but that doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have the right odor eliminator. 

Some of the commercial solutions require days or even a week before you see real results. That means that my guests would be greeted with a nasty smell when they first walk into my apartment.

Avoid the Professionals

When you call a professional cleaning company out, you don’t know what to expect. I tried it in the past and I wound up waiting for days, spending way too much money, and I was told to keep my dog away from the area for a full week until the chemical was dissolved.

The reason is because the professionals are using heavy-duty chemicals to see results. For the common pet owner, this is over-kill. Worst of all, the chemicals are dangerous to your pets which makes it a troubling idea.

Sure, there are some professionals in your area that might use the right chemicals, but you’ll still wind up paying way too much.

The DIY Solution

When it comes to the best odor eliminator, I firmly believe that a DIY solution is the best solution. As long as it works fast, is non-toxic and animal safe, works well, doesn’t cost too much, and it’s easy to use, I’m willing to give it a shot. 

In my personal opinion, I’ve had the best results when I’m using any brand that includes chlorine dioxide. I’m no scientist, but I’ve seen results that outshine the other DIY results and baking soda solutions.

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