Protection Sleeves: Avoiding Skin Cancer Through the Clothes Being Worn

Skin cancer is mostly the result of being too exposed to sunlight, so individuals who are always doing outdoor activities are exposed to this kind of disease. Various ways are recommended to everyone to avoid having skin cancer that includes using sunscreen, avoiding going out under the Sun’s scorching heat, and other more ways; but this article would focus on specific clothing that can be worn to avoid the disease, specifically how sun protection sleeves would protect you from UV radiation.

Before explaining how protection sleeves aids individuals that use them, the article must explain first the cause for having skin cancer. So, skin cancer results from the UV rays brought by sunlight, which can destroy the DNA in human skin. Consequently, the damage on the DNA leads to its alteration that would not allow it to control the skin cell growth properly, which is the main cause for the occurrence of the disease. Moreover, it has become a problem worldwide because, according to WHO (2020), there have been 1.20 million new cases of skin cancer as of 2020. Therefore, everyone must take further measures to prevent having this kind of disease.

How Protection Sleeves Helps Against UV Rays

Protection sleeves were purposely made to fight against UV rays from the Sun and avoid skin cancer, so it is really helpful for those who are always under the Sun’s heat. So, the following reasons that the article would indicate are the main reasons how protection sleeves fight against the UV rays of the sunlight, which include:

  • High UPF Level of Fabric. All sun protection sleeves are made with more than UPF 30; UPF is the acronym of Ultraviolet Protection Factor, which indicates the percentage of UV radiation blocked by the fabric. The levels of protection are divided into ratings, wherein from 30 up to 49 indicates to be very good protection; meanwhile, 50 and up are suggested to be excellent.
  • Color Usage. Most protection sleeves are either made of dark or bright colours, which aims to prevent UV rays from reaching your skin. The said types of colours have a quality that helps prevent the UV rays from penetrating the sleeves compared to the protection that lighter shades of colour provide.
  • Dense Fabric. The construction and composition of the sleeves are much more important than the thickness and layer that you might wear. Therefore, protection sleeves are tightly knitted to prevent UV rays from passing through and made with a fibre that helps serve its purpose.
  • Material Usage. As mentioned earlier, the type of fabric used is important, so its manufacturer must be careful in choosing what kind of raw material they will use to create protection sleeves. Furthermore, it is said that synthetic materials would be the best choice in its creation because it reflects radiation compared to other materials that have a component that absorbs UV rays.
  • Covers Wider Exposed Area. It adds up to the clothes you wear, specifically a person’s arm, which is commonly exposed, especially for those who always wear short sleeves. Furthermore, the more skin is covered, the better to avoid getting exposed to sunlight.

To sum it up, skin cancer is one of the diseases that have caused numerous deaths, wherein according to the Skin Cancer Foundation (2021), it has caused at least 5,4000 deaths every month. Therefore, everyone must know this type of disease to help other individuals avoid having this kind of cancer.

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