Wardrobe Check: Tips for Spicing up Your Dress Collection

Nowadays, fashion is all about the “aesthetic.” Whether you are going for a goth or cottage girl look, you need to find clothes that match your current style. 

If your wardrobe needs a small dress collection update, you need to find a store to help you achieve your dream aesthetic.

A dress is a staple for any girl’s closet. While dresses are often thought of as soft and feminine, they can also be dark and mysterious and quirky and fun, depending on the style you choose.

If you’re planning to do some online shopping, keep in mind the following tips for finding a dress that can bring out the real you:

Choose Unique Patterns

Are you tired of simple floral prints? Maybe you are more of a strawberry girl or a galaxy lover. However you want your style to look, you don’t have to limit yourself to plain prints and patterns when buying dresses online.

The dress you wear should reflect your personality. If you are into astrology, you can find a dress with sun, moon, and star patterns. For a more glamorous style, you can go for skulls and, of course, cats. You can even find a dress with your favourite Pokémon character.

Luckily, online clothing stores break the norm by selling out-of-this-world pieces that allow you to be different and stand out.

Experiment With Different Fabrics

When shopping for dresses, a striking design is essential, but you also need to feel comfortable wearing them. Breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, and sheer are always a good choice. But if you want to go out of your comfort zone, you can experiment with velvet or even leather.

You’ll be surprised to find the variety of styles that comes along with your choice of fabric. Sometimes, you need to take a small risk.

Black is Never Boring

Black is always a classic choice, but why not spice it up by choosing it in a different style? You’re all familiar with the sexy little black dress, but how about the black skater dress? Or even the black cheerleader dress?

If you genuinely want to make a statement, you can try these dresses with red lipstick to match. Step it up even further with a pair of platform boots.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Colorful Dresses.

If you want to brighten up your collection, you should select dresses with colours you typically don’t wear. These can range from adorable pastels to rainbow-coloured dresses. For a more elegant touch, you can choose black and gold. 

With the unlimited colour combinations you have, you can easily add a new twist to your wardrobe regardless of age and style.

Choose a Brand That Speaks to You 

With so many clothing brands saturating the fashion industry, it’s not easy to find one that suits your exact taste. But suddenly, with the new wave of fashion-led by creative minds, it all becomes possible. 

If your aesthetic doesn’t fit the norm, you should look for brands with an unconventional approach to their design process. You might find a true gem with all the right pieces for upgrading your dress wardrobe.

As a last tip, remember to check their review section to see if your fellow shoppers are satisfied with their service and products.

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