List Up The Top Beaches In Goa To Plan A Vacation There

If you love being on the beach then you might have planned to visit Goa. Goa is said to be India’s top tourist attraction place where foreigners gather throughout the year. This place is so beautiful that no one would regret visiting this place for sure. You would be amazed to know that Goa is one of the smallest states in India but still it has many beaches. If you are new to this place or you planned to visit this place after the pandemic ends then you need to know about the top beaches in Goa. There are so many beaches to cover but here are some of the top beaches in Goa that you need to check out:

Cola beach at the southern part of Goa:

If you are listing the top beaches in Goa then you need to include this beach in. this beach is surrounded by tall palm and coconut trees that make that place close to nature. If you are a nature lover who loves to spend time in quiet places then this beach would be the best place for you. You have to find this beach because it is almost hidden by the trees around it. Apart from most beaches in Goa, this beach is clearer as well.

Agonda beach is the best place for sunbathing:

Agonda beach comes under the top beaches in Goa so you need to pay a visit to this place. This beach is small but it has everything that a beach visitor would need. Here you can spend your day sunbathing or you can also enjoy a match of volleyball at this beach. If you enjoy surfing then this is that place for you where you should visit at least once. You can rent a scooter to visit this beach or you can also ride an auto-rickshaw to this place.

Colva beach is the longest beaches in Goa:

This is a crowded beach but as it is the longest beach so you would get spare spaces. This beach has to be one of the top beaches in Goa. Here you can enjoy many activities apart from just water adventures. You can arrange a picnic at this spot and play some volleyball at this place. The best part about this beach is that here you would be able to get so many amazing resorts within the walking distance from this beach. Here you would be able to enjoy some of the most exotic seafood as well.

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