How technology bad for your children?

Technology has become an important part of the everyday existence in the twenty first century. Many of the important tasks have been shifted over the world of internet, including, child rearing. 

So many times we see parents allowing their child to watch a video or play some game on the phone or tablet while they carry out some important chores. Other times parents are forced into giving their children access to some form of technological entertainment as they throw a public tantrum. 

Placating children with the bribe of cartoons is also the only trick available to the parents to make their children comply to their orders. Important to note is that if it’s getting out of hand, seeking the top child specialist in Lahore can be very helpful. 

However, the many parents feel guilty about letting their offspring have access to digital devices. It is considered as bad parenting in most social circles to allow children screen time or using tablets and phones as an incentive. 

The question that arises then is that is technology really that bad for children?

The cons of allowing children access to digital devices.

While technology has some pros like allowing learning and entertainment, but the cons are aplenty too. Following are some of the serious ways that technological media is harmful to the children. 

Addiction to the devices

The access of everything is bad, especially when it comes to digital devices. It is very likely for children to become addicted to the devices. The digital technology has been deliberately created and curated to make people addicted to the different applications. Hence, children, due to their still maturing minds, are even more gullible to the charms of the applications. 

Social skills’ growth

When the children are holed up with just their devices at hand, they are not going to bother with interacting with other people around them. They are addicted to the virtual world that exists inside of these devices rather than communicating with people around them. 

A consequence of this is that their social skills do not develop. They have no idea how to deal with people around them. They are unable to form friendships easily or feel out of their depth in social set ups. Some might even suffer from social anxiety since their social growth has been stunted.

 For them, reality is less appealing so rather than connecting with real people, they would rather watch their cartoons or online chat with others. This has long term impact on their personalities as this awkwardness affects their life ahead as well. 

Lack of physical activity 

Couch potato is a term that is commonly used and condemned, and rightly so. As children become enslaved to their digital devices, their physical activity reduces significantly. They do not get their requisite exercise. 

Moreover, when combined with bad eating habits, this lack of exertion can lead to obesity. Childhood weight issues are very likely to follow into adulthood as well, hence this is a source of serious concern. 

Reduced attention span

A lot of internet involves quickly sweeping through things of interest. This practice is harmful for children as their brains have not yet matured and these practices shape how their brains function. Consequently, they are reliant on internet for quick search and visual stimulation rather than discovering and imaging for themselves. 

Performance at schools is affected

Children who are smitten with digital devices suffer at school as well, as their loyalties lie with these devices rather than investing their time in learning. Getting entertained is more fascinating prospect for them rather than studying. 

Moreover, due to reduced interpersonal skills, they might also have a hard time connecting with their peers. Hence, school doesn’t hold that much interest for them. 

Content cannot be controlled over these devices

It is very hard for the parents to always be able to moderate the content available to the children. Many a times there are many pop-up ads and similar unlikely sources of information that children should not privy to.

This unexpected content piques up their curiosity over such adult substance, premature access to which can harm them long time. 

Hence, there are many downsides of technology. If you are unable to detach your child from the digital devices, it is best to consult the top child specialist in Rawalpindi. Doctors can help with management of the side-effects of technology on the health of the child. 

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