How to Convert a CR2 Image File to JPG Online

The CR2 is such a beautiful image – an unadulterated look at the work of a photographer. Unfortunately it’s big and can’t be edited. When it comes time to edit a CR2, users have to. Here about a common CR2 to JPG conversion.

What is a CR2?

The CR2 image file is the official digital format for a photo taken with a Canon camera and then uploaded to a computer. CR2 stands for Canon Raw 2 (Second Edition). It is large and has a very high resolution due to the immense detail it contains in each photo.

What is a JPG?

JPG is a very popular file type because of its accessibility and convenient size. It’s interchangeable with JPEG image files so don’t confuse the two, they are the same. Someone has to download or share a large number of different images. How to Convert CR2 to JPG

Unlike other types of image files, there is no way to convert CR2 to JPG manually. However, there are several ways to convert using the first way is via a browser-based converter. This method is ideal for users with limited hard drive space who only want to convert a few files at a time. It is important to have a fast internet connection if you choose this method as you will need to upload and download files. Highly recommend MiConv for its simple user interface and fast download speeds.

The second method is to download and install a converter that is best for users who have a lot of hard drive space and want to convert a lot of files at the same time, and it is also important for those with limited or slow internet access as it does not like this. It does not require internet access to use it except for the first download of the program. You will experience the simplicity of MiConv to like

Why convert?

Just as most photographers end up converting their images into digital format, they end up wanting to edit the files too. However, in order to edit the CR2 image, it must be converted to a different file type. Not editable, and also very large. While this is good from a qualitative standpoint, it is just as terrible from an editing standpoint.

To cater to the needs of editing a CR2 with a different format, JPG is quite attractive, has a very manageable image size and can be opened with a variety of editing programs, plus it’s much more accessible than a CR2. It would be inconvenient for everyone involved if you tried to share hundreds of CR2 files. However, this would not be the case with the smaller JPG.

It is impossible to undo your conversion to CR2 once it is a JPG a copy of the original just in case. Otherwise you shouldn’t have a problem with this conversion.

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