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Benefits of Hiring Property Stylist Before Selling

Sydney is one of the top vacation destinations in Australia. It is always the first stop on many itineraries.

The city boasts beautiful landmarks, such as the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, and Taronga Zoo Sydney. Moreover, you should not miss eating at some of its finest restaurants, and swim at the finest beaches like Manly and Bondi. Furthermore, you can also spend a night on Cockatoo Island in amazing glamping and waking up to one of the greatest views in the world.

Aside from these fantastic vacation destinations, the city also offers excellent job opportunities. These are the reasons why many people from different places in the country would love to move to the city.

With that in mind, more people are looking to buy a property in Sydney to start a new life or use it as a vacation home. So, if you want to take this opportunity to sell a property don’t forget to get a professional property styling in sydney to give your property an edge in the market.

Not only property styling will give your property an advantage in the market, but it will also increase the price of your property. While styling your property sounds easy, the truth is, you need the help of a professional to ensure the success of the project. Below are the benefits of hiring a professional property stylist.

They can ensure the best first impression

You want to make sure that your property looks amazing before the agent comes and take marketing photos and open the dates for inspection. The way your property looks when the agent comes affects the asking price drastically.

If the property is on top shape and looks great, the agent will be confident in promoting it at the maximum price. The photos taken by the agent will surely get the attention of the shoppers, enticing them to check the house and eventually buy it. If you want to get the best impression and price for your property, then you should get a property stylist.

They can do what you can’t

It’s not easy for a homeowner to style their home to sell it. Styling your own home will have you hanging your family photos and other stuff that tells a lot of things about your life. If a buyer checks out your property, they need to feel it as their home and not yours. A professional property stylist can style your home perfect to appeal to many potential buyers.

Your property will get more views online

Online photos will sell your home. Seventy per cent of buyers look at the photos of the properties online before calling the agent for an open home visit. The quality of the photos on the listing determines the number of potential buyers in your inspection day.

The photos of your property should make a significant visual impact to potential buyers if you want to catch their attention. If you get a professional property styling in sydney to work at your home, it will spend 72 per cent less time being listed. Remember that the longer your house stays on the listing, the lesser chance it will have to get sold.

These are just some of the benefits of hiring a professional property stylist. Remember that making your home look fantastic is the key to sell it fast and at the best price.

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