Want Good Politics? Study Anthropology First

Political science since 1960 has expanded its attention from its original point, namely the relationship between the political forces and processes of various countries and various systems of government, to problems concerning the social and cultural background of the political forces of the different countries, developing countries, namely Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Oceania.

According to political theory, gaining power by justifying all means is a method developed by Machiavelli. Machiavelli stated that power must be obtained and maintained by all means, including ways that violate morality and religion. Power has nothing to do with ethics and morals.

If in a developing country, there is a political party based on the ideology of the Islamic religion, for example, then the ways in which that party relates, competes, or cooperates with other parties or political forces in all country. determined in the norms and methods of the party’s usual struggle, coupled with the principles and ideology of the Islamic religion, but also by the background, system of norms, and customs of the ethnicity of party leaders or members who often deviate from the provisions of the party. provisions of party norms and Islamic ideology. To be able to understand the background and traditional customs of that ethnic group, the method of anthropological analysis is very important for a political scientist.

Reference from, an anthropologist in studying a society in order to write an ethnographic description of that society will, of course, also confront himself and the forces of the local political process, as well as the activities of the branches of the national political party there.

Therefore, it can be understood together that to do politics well, one way is to study Anthropology, because the relationship between the two is very significant, because to know or understand the background and traditional customs of ethnic groups to gain understanding and regarding behavior. of the political party being studied.

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