Should I Get a Lawyer for a Dog Bite?

Have you recently been bitten by a dog? Are you now wondering if you should hire a dog bite lawyer? This may have been a terrifying moment you experienced. Most dogs are loyal and friendly. However, there are others who are extremely aggressive and territorial, which can mean danger for others. If you have been left with serious injuries following a dog attack, there are many benefits that come along with working with a lawyer.

Hiring a Lawyer

A lawyer can help you determine whether you are eligible to obtain compensation for your medical expenses and other losses following a dog attack. The owner of the dog may be held responsible for your losses depending on your situation. However, in order to establish these things, your lawyer will need to gather evidence, review the dog’s past behavior, and work to identify the owner of the dog.

You should know that every state has different laws regarding dog bites. In some states, the very first time a dog bites someone, the owner will be held liable. In other states, dogs can get away with one free bite before the owner can be held liable for further attacks. Finally, there are also some states that have laws regarding the aggressiveness of a dog to determine liability.

Nonetheless, a dog bite lawyer will be able to review the laws in your particular state to assist you.

Settling Your Case

Approximately 2,400 people are attacked by dogs every day. Most of these claims are settled without having to appear in court. It may also be helpful for you to file a claim with the insurance company that covers the dog’s owner to receive compensation for your losses.

However, when you have an attorney on your side, certain things can be avoided. The insurance company may make attempts to get you to admit it was your fault that you were attacked by the dog, or even downplay how extreme your injuries are. It is even possible that the insurance company will try to offer you a subpar settlement if you don’t have a lawyer.

Your attorney will be able to assess settlements that are offered via the insurance company to make sure that you are receiving a fair settlement. Your attorney may even handle all communication with the insurance company while you focus on recovering.

Other Steps to Take

Immediately following a dog bite, you may rush to try and hire a lawyer. However, there are other steps that you need to take before you obtain a lawyer, such as filing a police report and contacting animal control. When you report the attack to the police, this may help you prove that the attack actually took place. Animal control may be able to help you find the dog’s owner and may provide you with additional information regarding previous attacks.

You also need to make sure that you receive medical attention immediately following a dog attack. It is estimated that one in five dog bite victims need medical treatment, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A dog bite may leave you with deep cuts and injuries. It is even possible that you may develop an infection if your injury is exposed to bacteria. This is why it is imperative that you receive the proper medical care right away. 

There are some cases in which hiring a lawyer for your dog bite claim may help secure compensation for your expenses for medical care and other losses.


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