Top Pendant Designs to Gift Your Woman

Thinking of gifting something to your loved one? A pendant might be a good option. She is the love of your life and understands you inside out. There are things that no one may even understand about you, but she does and even makes it easier for you to deal with. A pendant would indeed be a great gift for such a sweet soul in your life. It would also be something that she could always wear and which would remind her how much love you have for her in your heart, all through the day. But with so many kinds of designs of jewellery, how do you know which one would be the best option? Well, we are here to help you out. 

Pendant designs for your woman:

We have listed some pretty and sweet pendant designs that you could gift your girlfriend or wife to keep reminding her how much you love her. Read on!

  • Crescent moon shape:

A Crescent moon has a certain aesthetic quality in it. Its smooth curve seems to go perfectly with the curves of a woman’s body. A silver Crescent moon-shaped pendant would be rather a sweet idea for a pendant. 

  • Simple ring:

Simple, smooth, and very much suitable for everyday use, a simple ring that rests over your woman’s collar bones would be just the perfect combination for her petite shape. The best part of such a pendant would be the fact that she can wear it on almost every occasion as a subtle compliment to her outfit as well as daily. The option is both practical as well as pretty. 

  • Infinity symbol:

This one would be holding some message. It could be a symbol of the amount of love you hold for the person and the amount of time you would like to spend with her. This would indeed be a very sweet and symbolic pendant shape to go with. 

  • Heart shapes:

These are always the classics. A simple heart holds the short and sweet and yet so grand a message that you love her. Moreover, this would again be a good option to compliment her dress in an evening party as well as for daily use. 

  • Pendants with a name engraved on them:

This would be the ultimate sweet gift for your woman. It could be a bit heavy on your pocket but that is the woman you love! You could engrave her name on it, maybe a name that only you call her with. You could also engrave both of your initials with a heart sign in between. The number of ideas you could apply here are innumerable!

Be it gold pendant designs or diamond ones, the above are some of the ideas that you can rely on to not go wrong, most of the time. The important thing here though is not if the pendant is of gold or diamond but the feelings that it is to harbour.

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