Know Everything About EtsyHunt

For Etsy sellers, EtsyHunt is a one-stop shop. It aids in researching products and Etsy ranks. Additionally, a list of the Top Etsy Shops is provided for improved tag analysis and Etsy listing.

We review 5,000,000 of the most popular Etsy product listings each day. These inform the expected weekly sales and other data for Etsy SEO that we update.

We have currently found more than 48,000,000 listings on Etsy. At the same time, 3,000,000 things are added to Etsy daily.

Selling on Etsy Can Be Done Smartly

Use Etsy to conduct your market study!

  • Keyword Research
  • Product Research
  • Etsy Reviews
  • Ranking

Find Handmade Top Products on Etsy & Amazon

  • With the help of our Etsy product research tool, you can discover the four key patterns in historical sales, price, favourites, and reviews.
  • All product information and the best-selling products by category are updated daily in our Etsy product research tool. You won’t overlook any specialised products here.
  • Our Etsy product research tool also offers Amazon Handmade items and dormant Etsy items.

Enhance your Etsy SEO using the Etsy Keyword Tool

  • Our Etsy keyword tool displays popular keywords and Etsy statistics with a daily update.
  • Our Etsy keyword tool offers further details on the top 100 goods, such as the keywords you enter, their sales rank, category, shipping time, etc.
  • Our Etsy keyword tool will assist you in creating a successful Etsy listing, including suggestions for title writing, tag usage, and item pricing.

The Best Etsy Shop Ideas to Keep You Inspired

  • What should I sell on Etsy? Use our Etsy shop analyzer to generate an unending list of viable shop ideas you can choose from and learn from.
  • √ How do you market on Etsy? Take advice from seasoned sellers. The top sellers, their sales, categories, tags, listings, and reviews are provided by our Etsy shop analyzer.

Manage All Etsy Reviews Easily with Follow-up

  • Reminders Accurate consumer screening; quickly eliminate orders with unfavourable reviews.
  • Integrating a secure API and automatically importing consumer data.
  • Integrated AI templates for Etsy messages to increase response rates.
  • Support bulk email export of Etsy orders and visual analysis of Etsy shop reviews with only one click.

Additional Options More Information

Additionally, EtsyHunt provides a fantastic collection of Etsy toolkits, such as

  • the eCommerce Data API,
  • Etsy tags extension,
  • Etsy fast view extension, and
  • Etsy fee calculator

EtsyHunt - Etsy products data to simplify your Etsy SEO and business

Use the Free Etsy Keyword Tool to Research Keywords

You may generate product ideas and keyword tags, examine actual search data, view buyer engagement, and determine the seasonality of your products using Etsy’s top search keywords from Etsy.

Don’t forget to choose wisely rather than based on speculation.

Increase Your Online Visibility Chances

Improve the ranking of your store by analysing the top products’ keywords, pricing, regency, views, and favourites.

Discover Etsy’s Hottest Keywords for Your Listings

  • You can research the pertinent and necessary keywords for your product listings with our Etsy keyword tool.
  • Finding keywords that your clients utilise by category or country should be your main takeaway from this.
  • Avoid missing out on some seasonal keyword chances by selecting long-tail keywords since users of those keywords are more likely to make a purchase.

Select the Most Effective Etsy Keyword Tags for Your Listings

It’s crucial to use the right Etsy keyword tags. It is one of the key elements that the Etsy algorithm considers when deciding how to rank your product listings. Using the Etsy keyword tool, you can locate the most popular search terms or low-competition keywords to improve your keyword tags.

Additionally, you should manage your photos, sales history, and reviews in addition to coming up with the greatest shop name possible if you want to stand out in the search results.

Improve Your Etsy Listings’ Conversion Rate

Improve your title or description and keep doing what works to grow your business.

  1. Adjust Titles, Descriptions, and Pictures to Suit Target Clients

Ineffective listings may decrease conversions and ultimately harm your store. Use the abundance of information available from EtsyHunt on the best-selling and most frequently discovered items to start identifying trends that can be applied throughout your Etsy shop.

  1. Price Products Competitively to Attract Target Customers

Setting the appropriate prices is essential for any organisation if it wants to make respectable earnings. Investigating the prices of your rivals and making comparisons is a crucial step. You can change the price based on high-performing listings using our Etsy keyword tool.

  1. Whenever possible, reduce shipping times

Does faster shipment result in higher sales or conversion rates? Yes, depending on the consumer and the product, in some circumstances. Consider your competitors’ average shipping times if you can’t determine why your conversion rate is declining.

Importance Of Keyword Search

People can’t buy from you if they don’t see your Etsy listings. The first step to appearing in the top search results on Google and Etsy is keyword research.

Additionally, keyword research is the process of figuring out what customers are looking for. Why do they go shopping and make purchases? What are the aspects of the things you sell that people care about? Once you are aware of the various search motives that lead to a purchase, you may classify listings and optimise each item with the appropriate keywords.

Conducting keyword research is the key to ensuring that your product generates revenue.

How do Etsy Tags work?

A keyword is not the same as an Etsy tag. Etsy advises sellers to optimise their listings so that they match what customers are looking for. Therefore, to make shop listings stand out, we should use keywords in the Etsy tags, names, categories, and characteristics. Each item listing on Etsy is permitted up to 13 tags. Up to 20 characters can be used in each tag, and any one of them could turn up in an Etsy inquiry search.

What do you mean by Etsy SEO?

The technique of improving a website’s exposure in search engines like Google or Etsy’s own search system is known as Etsy SEO (search engine optimization). Etsy SEO gives sellers a tool to bring customers to their store and make it simple for them to make purchases. Thereby increasing sales.

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