How To Prevent Misuse of Prescription Drugs?

It is important that individuals prevent and stop the non medical use of the prescribed drugs. However, there are certain benefits for patients from the prescribed stimulants, opioid pain relievers, and sedatives. The physicians must balance the medications required by the patients with the risk associated with its misuse.

The non-medical use of prescribed drugs can be prevented and identified by the patients, physicians, and the pharmacist as well.


The doctors can identify the non-medical use of prescription drugs and this can prevent the growing habit in misusing the drugs and leading to substance use disorder. In 2016 around 84 percent of the Americans consulted the medical professionals. The physicians can be helpful to patients by asking them about the drug they use and analyze if there is any problem, provide them treatment if required and make recovery a goal.

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Patients can follow these steps to ensure safe way to consume the medications –

  • Follow the steps that is suggested by the pharmacist or the instructions written on the label.
  • Be aware of the other alcohol and drugs that you are consuming.
  • Do not change the routine of medication without consulting your doctor.
  • Never share your prescription with others.
  • Store the prescriptions stimulants, opioids, and sedatives safely.
  • Make sure to discard the expired and unused medications if you have any.


Pharmacists are the ones who can help the patients understand the right way to consume the medication and provide necessary information on how the medication is going to be helpful for them. The pharmacist is the first line that can recognize if there is any problem in the pattern of using the prescribed drugs.

The development of non-addicting effective pain medication is the priority of public health. The increasing number of old adults and the growing number of members in injured military service adds up to the urgency in finding new treatment methods for the masses.

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