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Festive Decoration Ideas Even Kids Can Make

It’s no secret that Christmas is the most joyful and festive time worldwide. Children stand wide-eyed, gazing at all the lights and colorful decorations in homes, offices, shopping centers, downtown streets and just about everywhere. Kids enjoy being part of the holiday preparations. Here are decoration ideas kids will have fun making.

It’s All About Tradition

Holiday decorations can be traced back to a long history which saw the first Christmas trees emerge in Germany around the 15th Century. By the 18th and 19th Centuries, German immigrants carried the decorated tree tradition to America, and slowly, the idea caught on.

Today, baubles, lights and festive items for the tree and home continue in popularity. Statistics show that in the United States alone, the average person will spend about $269 on decorations each year. Making Christmas crafts with the kids is also another traditional way to celebrate the holiday.

Snowball Wreaths

Young children will have fun putting this one together, and you can help by hot gluing white styrofoam balls of various sizes onto a flat, wooden wreath form as a base.

All you need now is a pretty red bow and a wire for hanging.

Plastic Globe Ornaments

When decorating your Christmas tree, the more, the merrier, as the old saying goes. All children want to participate in the festive season’s activities, so help little hands create their globe ornaments to fill inside and hang on the tree.

For this adorable craft, you will need a plastic, clear ball ornament that you can fill inside. White foam beads make for excellent “faux” snow, and your kids can add small objects or art supplies to express a Christmas theme.

To celebrate the birth of your littlest ones and to ensure their proper placement on your Christmas tree, you can choose from sentimental baby ornaments designed in gorgeous symbols that you will treasure forever and hang up each yuletide season.

Adorning your Christmas tree with various unique baubles can create a lovely “family tree” in more ways than one.

Pine Cone Gnomes

Gnomes seem to pop up everywhere, especially during Christmastime, and now, your children can have a ball making their pine cone gnomes.

For this craft, you’ll need a few pine cones that you and/or your kids will paint white with acrylic paint.

Next, you will make felt cone-shaped hats to fit over the pine cones. Glue the seams of the felt hats with white glue. Then, glue the hat to the pine cone. Use a button or bead for the nose, and glue it just under the rim of the hat onto the pine cone.

Hershey’s Kisses Centerpieces

The only thing that might come in the way of this decoration idea is that kids might just eat it before it’s done, but it’s a risk worth taking! Here’s a sweet, do-it-yourself Christmas craft that people of all ages can enjoy doing. 

First, you’ll need a bag of Hershey’s Kisses chocolates in Christmas foil colors. Then, gather some scrapbook paper in green and red holiday prints, toothpicks and tape. If your children are old enough to use kids’ scissors, have them cut out triangle shapes from the scrapbook paper. 

Next, you will have them tape a toothpick on the back. Now, here’s the best part. Insert a toothpick into each Hershey’s Kisses candy, and you’ve made super cute Hershey’s Kisses tree centerpieces. You can arrange them in a group or row on a pretty platter.

Candy Cane Place Card Holders

Your holiday Christmas table will look fabulously festive with candy cane place card holders. For this DIY craft, have your kids count three candy canes for each guest at the table.

Next, remove the wrappers, and glue three candy canes together with the long ends touching. Carefully place the curved bottoms on a flat surface, so they’ll sit flat when glued. Print your guests’ names on each card, and place them into the candy cane holders.

The magic of Christmas amazes people of all ages, especially young children. Introduce them to these fun Christmas crafts, and let them leave their imprint on the fantastic holiday season.

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