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Dos And Don’ts When Hiring A Tree Service Provider

Trees are beautiful and necessary for the environment. Trees help to create a sustainable environment for us and the next generation. Like all essential things, trees require maintenance, and you can’t always get it done yourself. That’s what tree service professionals are here for; to help you maintain your trees and prevent various hazards. However, hiring a tree service provider is not to be taken lightly. The wrong provider can end up causing more damage than good. Below are some vital dos and don’ts to take note of when hiring a provider.

Do Request for Insurance

There are risks involved when hiring a tree service provider to trim, prune or remove a tree on your property. To ensure safety, you should always ask for insurance from the chosen service provider. You can check out their certificate and call the company listed. Ask for a copy of the insurance to ensure everything is confirmed. This action will help you stay safe if anyone gets hurt on the job, so you’re not held responsible.

Do get an Estimate

The price for tree service usually depends on the job’s difficulty. Tree service is also priced based on the time it will take to be completed. There are different services to be offered when it comes to tree care, and it is vital to get an estimate of what you’ll be paying. You can also choose to get more than one estimate so you can compare prices. Ensure you don’t go for a service just because it is cheap; the quality of the work should be your priority.

Don’t Pay for Estimates

Estimates are supposed to be free of charge, especially when it concerns a tree service provider. That’s why you shouldn’t pay for an estimate. If the estimator is trying to push you in a direction you don’t want to go, you can always get an estimate elsewhere. Don’t sign up with a provider without getting a free estimate or agree to an hourly wage.

Don’t Pay Till the Job is Done

Payment should only come after the job has been completed. There are times when the job might take days or even weeks. In times like that, you might need to put down a partial payment. Other than occasions like this, you should pay the entire amount until the job is completed. If a tree care provider asks for total payment up front, you should work away. Chances are they won’t finish the job or carry it out to your satisfaction.

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