A Complete Guide to Garage Door Costs: Repair, Maintenance and New

A garage door is not similar to a normal door that you may find in your house. Talk about factors such as a size and material, in both aspects a garage door is very different from a normal door of your house – hence, to deal with them you have to be aware of different factors associated with garage doors.

Otherwise, you cannot make an effective decision over things such as purchasing of a garage door, selling of it, maintenance or repairing of it.

With time, a garage door starts aging and noise or dents etc. become quite evident to you and that is when you have to make an informed decision about repairing, maintaining or purchasing a new garage door.

But that you cannot do unless you know how much the whole process will actually cost.

In this article, we discuss a few important points that help you learn and decide what best options you should go for, keeping the budget in your mind.

Cost of Complete Replacement

If your garage door has existed attached to your property for almost a decade, it is best suggested that you replace it, however, there may be a significant cost you will get to bear.

Even a single shutter door will have you invest to up to $600 to $950. Talking about a double shutter door, the cost will be even higher and you will get to spend a cost of up to $940 to $1370.

One thing to keep in mind is that the removal cost of the old garage door and the replacing of a new one will be included within the mentioned charges so in case there comes any contractor that tries to fool or manipulate you, do not fall for that.

Installation Cost of Garage Doors

Although the pricing we share with you in this article, we make sure they do not include any additional charges, however, in some cases there will be a few contractors that will ask you to pay them extra for the installation.

Installation of a garage door is not an easy task and for sure, you require a professional to do that task for you. Therefore, paying for such a job is not something you should regret about because it surely requires a skill and you may not have that.

For the purpose of saving on just some bucks, we suggest you get this service done by a professional for you rather than you giving a hand in something that you are not even comfortable with.

Hardware or Custom Built Garage Door

Not very often but if you do not lubricate the hardware of your garage doors, you may need to replace them every twice a year – we are talking about the hardware parts such as springs or door valves. This will of course charge you some extra bucks that can range from $120 to $310.

Also if you are one of those that do not like the designs that garage door companies already have in the list or you are just someone that appreciates custom built doors manufactured on custom based requirements, understand that the cost for a custom made garage door starts from $2000 at least – as suggested by one of the most renowned custom garage door Oregon contractors.

Should You Repair or Replace?

A garage door normally has a life of almost a decade which means you will only need to completely replace a garage door after a decade. Before that, you can always replace the parts when required. Those parts include, as mentioned earlier in this article, the small parts such as springs, hinges, rollers etc. that only come to an effect when your garage door moves up and down.

Manual or Automatic Garage Doors

In case you think an automatic garage door is the one that is so advance that it will cost you a complete fortune to purchase it? Then that is not true. If you can afford a manual one, you can also buy an automatic garage door.

All you will need to pay is an additional extra price ranging from $350 to $600 on your manual garage door to add a feature of an electric garage door opener and your garage door type will enter into an umbrella of an automatic garage door type.

Does that sound too expensive? Hopefully it does not.


It all comes down to your need or personal preference (in some cases) about how you want your garage door to be like and the entire pricing too depends on your budget and need.

Whether it is about replacing a completely new garage door or just some parts, it depends on the fact that if you really need it or not – but if your budget allows and you are really tempted to get a new garage door then there definitely is no negative impact in doing so.



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