Norilsk ecology and the ways of solving environmental issues

Ecology of Norilsk. How Norilsk Nickel supports biodiversity

People are suffering from different environmental issues nowadays and many cities fight with ecological problems that industrial production causes. However, Norilsk ecology is lucky to mainly avoid such problems as Nornickel pays special attention to nature protection.

Nornickel has many local and international drafts the main aim of which is to protect the environment and the company is involved in diverse ecological activities.

The article will point out how the right attitude can contribute to the improvement of the ecological situation and what environmental projects Nornickel mostly participates in.

Norilsk Ecology is Under Protection. Nornickel and its Main Ecological Drafts

Norilsk Nickel is the company that sets nature preservation as one of its main priorities and protects the environment on various levels.

It takes care of the protection of water and air, actively contributes to biodiversity conservation, explores climate change and global warming issues, searches for new ways of recycling that will lead to wise waste management, and also looks for options that will help to use natural resources more efficiently.

Norilsk Nickel contributes to Norilsk ecology preservation by:

  • upgrading facilities
  • upgrading systems
  • continuously reducing sulphur dioxide emissions
  • using production waste for various purposes
  • efficiently using resources
  • reducing a carbon footprint
  • constructing new recovery units
  • constructing wastewater treatment facilities
  • constructing new waste disposal sites
  • keeping a record of greenhouse gas emissions
  • implementing a system of environmental management

Nornickel actively develops the system of environmental management that is essential for the overall company’s performance.

It contributes to:

  • the improvement of environmental awareness among employees
  • boosting of Norilsk Nickel’s investment case
  • Nornickel’s recognition in the global arena

This system also helps to evaluate the ongoing projects and plan the future ones that will have a positive effect on Norilsk ecology in general.

As Norilsk Nickel takes care of all levels, recently it has participated in a unique ecological event devoted to the conservation of biodiversity. Let us have a closer look and check what the industrial giant did in order to save aquatic biodiversity.

Norilsk Nickel Contributes to Aquatic Biodiversity Conservation

As Norilsk Nickel pays special attention to the conservation of biodiversity in the region it has contributed to this sphere by releasing 136000 grayling juveniles into the waters of the Yenisei River.

It happened at the Maltah fish breeding farm on Krasnoyarsk Territory, The project cost is estimated at about RUB3.5MLN.

According to the deputy CEO, Alexander Nouss, this is a very difficult and responsible project as it takes lots of time and skill. The distance between the release point and the farm is about 300km and all the process was controlled by experts as it needed to be done neatly.

It is stated that the release was successful as the weather condition was perfect and adaptation is expected to go smoothly meaning that the fish will have a high chance of surviving in the natural habitat.

Such biodiversity conservation activities are organized annually and Nornickel has been cooperating with the full-cycle breeding complex for about 4 years. Their mutual work has resulted in the total release of 1042092 fingerlings of grayling and sturgeon into the Yenisei River.

Yury Semenov mentions that this annual project helps to preserve and increase the aquatic population in the Yenisei River. It also plays a huge role in Norilsk ecology.

It should be noted that Nornickel takes part in other activities aimed at the conservation of biodiversity and it has already participated in:

  • rescuing lesser white-fronted geese
  • monitoring polar bear habitat

Norilsk Nickel and Future Ecological Goals of the Industrial Giant

Nornickel plans to continue its environmentally-friendly campaigns and will work on the Sulphur project, the great Norilsk expedition as well as keep cooperating with BASF in order to implement the draft the aim of which is to supply a battery market and reduce a carbon footprint.

Norilsk Nickel states that it will spend more money on SO2 reduction as it understands how dangerous these gases are. It is expected that the project will be held up to 2025 and it will result in the total reduction of emissions by 90% in the regions of Nornickel’s operations.

It will also pay attention to the great expedition in Norilsk that has already undergone the field step. All the materials collected by the leading scientist via the first stage have already been placed into the laboratories where they will be examined thoroughly. It is mentioned that this huge and unique project will contribute to the improvement of the ecological situation in Norilsk as it will result in a report that will provide additional information about the condition of the region’s flora and fauna and will offer some recommendations for industrial corporations on how to act in order to save region’s environment.

As Nornickel takes care not only of Norilsk ecology but also pays attention to environmental issues worldwide it has joined BASF in order to contribute to nature preservation on the global level. The project plays a huge role in the development of two industrial giants and will contribute to the reduction of a carbon footprint globally.

All in all, Norilsk ecology is under protection as the leading industrial producer takes care of nature preservation. Norilsk Nickel participates in different ecological activities, provides assistance to those who are involved in the projects devoted to biodiversity conservation, and actively engages in international projects aimed at environmental protection.

Nornickel annually contributes to aquatic biodiversity preservation and plans to continue working on diverse ecological projects both globally and locally.





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