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5 tricks for repairing washing machines

If one of our “doras” friends doesn’t work at home, we’re going to have a hard time. Just knowing that we will have to wash by hand, scrub, lather, drain and then hang, pushes us to learn the tricks to fix a washing machine. And in that, I’m going to help you. Or you can call Washing machine repair to help you more.

We must first know what the problem is. If it won’t turn on, let’s check the disconnected power cord and check that it hasn’t been gnawed on by a mouse. It can also be strongly pressed with something or even bent. Either way, if power isn’t the issue, it’s time to get back on the appliance.

First of all I want to remind you that water and electricity do not get along, so I ask you to apply the recommendations that I gave you recently regarding electrical risks.

Repair a washing machine like a pro

Water leaks

The most common. Check the rubber of the washing machine door carefully for any deterioration. If that’s the problem, you just need to replace the rubber. Take out the front panel and see where the rubber meets the device. If you’re not so sure, it’s time to look through your papers for the instructions for your washing machine. Get help to get it out so you can check the back for loose pipes.

Dirt or solid build-up will also block the passage and cause the water to flow backward. If you find traces of dry soap or some other material, clean that area and you will see how the washing machine is fixed.

There’s no water

Believe it or not, this little problem is usually solved simply by choosing the right wash function along with the appropriate water load. Bingo! However, you should also check that the hoses are properly adjusted or that they are not kinked or kinked. Ah, I forgot! Did you open the key before programming? If you had, then try opening another tap to check that it is not a general water cut.

These are simple problems. Things can get even more complicated. You need the help of a professional or you can do it yourself or with the help of domestic staff.

If home washing machine repair is not an option

Too much movement and noise

Filling it too much or too little can cause the drum to become unbalanced and make more noise than normal. If this happens to you, first make sure that it is perfectly level. If the problem persists, try washing by redistributing the weight of the clothing, especially if you are washing towels or jeans. If it is not about any of these problems, the engine could be broken or spoiling, so you will need to have a specialized technician. Your intention to fix the washing machine is valid, but sometimes you need expert home assistance such as some home insurance offers.

Stops mid-cycle

Peaceful. It could be resting while it refills the necessary water or flushes it, depending on the schedule you have set. But if the problem takes too long, it could be caused by a blockage or a bad position of the drain hose, which would prevent the water from disappearing to finish the wash.

The filter

It is a task that you should not ignore, it is advisable to do it with a certain frequency to ensure that your clothes come out clean and smell good. You know that remains of everything remain in the filter. Loosen it up. The normal thing is that when you open it, some accumulated water begins to come out. To prevent everything from getting dirty, put a face wash to collect all the liquid that comes out. Then, you must remove the filter and clean the remains that have deposited inside or in the pump. Make sure there is no material left to prevent the water from passing through.

Other tricks to take care of the washing machine that I share with you

One key to keeping your washing machine clean is to let the drum air well after each use.

Like the shower curtain, the drum and the rubber gasket of the washing machine are surfaces that are highly exposed to humidity and where mold appears immediately, if they are not ventilated enough and immediately.

To clean the drum, it is advisable to put a long cycle in the washing machine without clothes and with the maximum level of water.

The rubber gasket should be cleaned with a cloth dampened in water and detergent depending on how dirty or difficult it is to remove.

Close the stopcock. This advice is valid for cases where you do not intend to use the washing machine for a long time, for holidays or other reasons.

Experts recommend closing the stopcock to avoid possible leaks that reach the device and could affect it.

Another part that is often not given enough importance is the detergent drawer. It is enough to remove it every three or four months and wash it with lukewarm water. Of course, try to remove any remaining soap, fabric softener or any other product that has been attached.

If fabric softener and detergent are mixed, they form a residue that cannot be removed.

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