5 Emojis You Can Use Whenever You Feel Sick

Emojis changed the way we communicate through text, chat, and social media posts. Emojis can take on their meaning and do not need any message to help describe what they mean. For example, the emojis about feeling under the weather is pretty straightforward and transparent. Speaking of feeling sick, here are some emojis that you can use when you are down with the sickness. 

You can use these sick emojis to notify your friends that you feel a bit under the weather today. We are sure that when they see these sick emojis, they will understand why you will cancel your lunch gathering. 

Face With Thermometer Emoji

The “face with thermometer” emoji is a sick emoji that you can use to describe any feelings of sickness. The emoji depicts having a fever or feeling a bit feverish. It has the design of a standard yellow emoji face with raised eyebrows topped off with a thermometer in its mouth. 

You can accurately describe being under the weather today by using this emoji. It also often varies in its complexion among some platforms. But, the thermometer is very distinguishable, and you will not have any difficulty finding this sick emoji. 

If you feel that this sick emoji applies to you, you might want to immediately seek medical attention. Considering everything that is happening today regarding health, you must not take any symptoms lightly.

Face Vomiting Emoji

The “Face Vomiting” emoji is one sick emoji that has other implications. This sick emoji’s medical and literal sense shows a standard yellow emoji face with a graphic of vomiting with scrunched eyes. The vomit is pretty distinguishable as it comes in a bright-green color. If you feel that you can heavily relate to this emoji, you must get that medical attention now.

This sick emoji has implications other than its literal meaning. You can use this emoji to express any feelings of disgust towards something. If you go online, you will find a lot of stuff that will eventually disgust you. From disgusting statements to disgusting things, use this sick emoji when applicable.

Sneezing Face

Sneezing is quite common these days. And, you can describe it in an emoji that is all about sneezing. The sneezing emoji comes in with scrunched eyes while sneezing and blowing its nose to a white cloth. There are some variations to this sick emoji across platforms. Some variations come from the presence of the mouth, while others include eyebrows.

This emoji is the perfect sick emoji to describe your allergies. You can ask whether someone has dogs or cats or any pets and reply with this ill emoji. Indeed, they will get the memo that you tend to sneeze a lot when those animals are present. 

For a non-direct meaning to this sick emoji, it can easily mean as an act of crying. For example, you cannot help but be emotional at a wedding; this sick emoji describes that emotion perfectly.

Face With Head Bandage

The “Face with Head Bandage” emoji is the perfect emoji to describe any injury that you may have. It may not necessarily be a head injury, but you can use this emoji for other injuries as well. It has a standard yellow emoji face with furrowed brows and a distinguishable white bandage on top of its head. Some platforms even cover one eye on this sick emoji.

This sick emoji can also describe emotional hurting as much as physical injury. It all depends on how creative you describe your injury, hurt feelings, or illness through these emojis. But, without a doubt, the first interpretation of this emoji is the feeling of being in pain. Use this sick emoji when you deem applicable.

Face With Medical Mask

I guess we are all familiar with medical masks by now. Before, this sick emoji was an emoji used to describe health workers in hospitals. It was also an emoji that signals that you are feeling under the weather. However, this emoji took on a different light when the Pandemic broke out.

You can still use this emoji as a way to describe the illness. However, you can easily describe healthcare professionals using this emoji. The same goes for the population that is currently wearing masks when they step outside. So, this sick emoji has a set of new and broad meanings to it. 

It has a design of a face that has small and slanted, if not closed, eyes. The medical or surgical mask is distinguishable as it covers half of the yellow emoji face.

In A Nutshell

If you feel under the weather, it is best to seek medical help rather than tweeting about it using these emojis. However, these sick emojis may also have distinct meanings when used in different contexts. Make sure you use these sick emojis in a clear and transparent context. You do not want other people to think that you caught the flu or cold when you use these sick emojis.

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