What Industries Are Booming Right Now?


Business growth is continuing to blossom across industries. Brands are building large footprints and providing consumers with a variety of novel solutions to the problems and troubles they face in everyday life. But some industries move faster than others, and some spaces are uniquely poised for explosive growth in the present circumstances.

The stock market more broadly fluctuates at regular intervals with a variety of industries performing well or poorly under certain generalized market conditions. In the present marketplace, a few industries are set for huge upside potential and offer investors a wonderful opportunity for boosting long-range returns.

Personal Care, Vitamins, Supplements, and Essential Oils

The personal care industry is growing at an alarming rate. Supplement sales are skyrocketing — and have been for a number of years. Yet with the coronavirus pandemic throwing a wrench into the routine habits that we all once took for granted, personal care, including skincare (vitamins, minerals, moisturizers, oils, and fatty acids, for instance), is expanding at an astronomical rate. This is great for those with sensitive skin or inflammation that they’re working to control, but it also presents an opportunity for savvy investors to get in on companies that are ready to boom.

Rosehip oil is one great option that many people are buying in droves. Rosehip oil is high in antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin E, and it is a natural extract from the rosebush plant. Rosehip is a highly prized natural oil that is fantastic in treating a variety of skincare issues, and many people are turning to rosehip oil to combat the issues they are seeing arise as a result of their more sedentary arrangement during these last two years of working from home and eliminating many of the trips that extend past the front door.

Gold Mining

The gold mining industry is also growing in stature in the present climate. Gold miners like Alamos Gold Inc. (NYSE:AGI) are booming as a result of revolutionary new measures aimed at efficiency and social responsibility. Gold miners are seeing a greater call to implement environmental sustainability measures in their extraction processes, and Alamos Gold stands at the top of the pack when it comes to implementing these new developments from top to bottom. Alamos Gold is a pioneer in the use of sustainable energy (rather than the traditional diesel generators that have typically been found in abundance on mine sites), and they are revamping extraction processes in order to eliminate harsh chemicals like cyanide that can easily poison surrounding groundwaters.

With active mines in Northern Ontario (Island Gold Mine and Young-Davidson) and the Mulatos Mine in Sonora, Mexico, Alamos Gold is preparing for expansion across a number of exciting development projects in Sonora, Northern Ontario, the United States, and the Republic of Turkey — particularly at the Kirazli development site, which stands ready to deliver over 100,000 ounces of gold at industry-leading extraction costs.

The gold mining industry is poised for a huge boom as extraction becomes less hazardous. On the inverse, investors are leaning into the gold bullion market as a result of continued uncertainty in other asset classes. This makes gold miners more important than ever, and pricing on public companies, like Alamos Gold, is growing at steady rates as a result.

The marketplace for these industries possesses vast and virtually unlimited potential for continued growth. As an investor looking for a new opportunity to park capital that will appreciate with sustained vigor, try the gold mining and skincare and supplement space for a new and exciting opportunity for generating excellent returns over the long term. You won’t be sorry!

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