Understand the following tips for a safe vacation at a hotel during a pandemic

friends may be very bored at home, during a pandemic like the current government demands that we stay at home. But on the other hand, the government is also intensifying the rotation of the national economy in the tourism sector. For those of you who want to take a vacation, and calm your mind for a moment from the pressure of work. Maybe you can do vacation activities with your family.

Vacations are not only seen from tourist activities to tourist attractions. The definition of vacation can also be seen when tourists stay at hotels. How to travel to different people’s tourist destinations. Some want to go on vacation to tourist attractions, and use the hotel just as a place to rest. You can visit and stay in Desire Cancun.

There are also tourists who choose hotels as tourist attractions or vacation spots. For those of you who choose a hotel as a vacation spot, there are several interesting activities that can be done. These are tips on how to enjoy a vacation at a hotel during a pandemic by doing interesting activities. Even if it’s only at a hotel, with these tips, it’s guaranteed that you won’t feel bored if you follow these tips:

  1. Determine the Purpose of Staying at the Hotel

The first tip is to know in advance the purpose of staying at the hotel. Even though they are both on vacation at the hotel, of course each guest has a different purpose. There are people who are bored at home and choose a hotel as a place to find a new atmosphere. For that, for those who have such a goal, they will be more comfortable to linger in a hotel room.

  1. Stay at Resort Hotels, Increase Activities

It’s different if you really have a goal of vacationing in a hotel with an atmosphere that is close to nature or in this case a resort hotel. For tourists who stay at resort hotels, it would be better if they did activities outside the room. For example, if we go to Bali, we definitely choose one that is near the beach. Well, not only in the room, we go to the beach too. It’s okay, as long as you don’t approach the crowd or cause a crowd

  1. Smooth WiFi Facilities in the Room

Back to the original goal, which is on vacation at the hotel and want to stay in the room. Make sure a few things, one of which is WiFi or internet facilities. For JD.ID friends who enjoy staycations, work from home workers who choose to work from hotels, or school from hotels, they can ask the hotel again regarding internet facilities.

  1. Make sure Room Service is running

In addition to asking for WiFi facilities, you can also get room service, which is very useful if you choose to vacation at a hotel and only want to stay in your room.

  1. Enjoy Outdoor Facilities

If you stay at a three-star hotel and above, don’t forget to try out all the outdoor facilities or open spaces. Facilities such as swimming pools, gardens, sports venues and others can be used to the fullest by guests.

Those are some tips that JD.ID Friends can do to get rid of boredom during the pandemic. Vacations, staying at hotels and staying away from crowds are your main keys to avoid the dangers of COVID-19. Sticking to health protocols is also a must that you do while on vacation.

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