Top 5 Reasons to Post Bail

Considering the time, effort, and costs associated with bail bonds, you might, at some point, wonder whether it is worth it to pay one after being arrested. Take a look at Perry County bail bonds to better understand your options. Here is a list of the top five reasons to post bail. 

1. To Find a Defense Lawyer

It is much easier to find a defense lawyer when you are out of jail than when you are in it. When you are in jail, you will be assigned a public defender, but it is likely that he nor she will be as skilled nor have as many resources as a private attorney. Once you put up money or property for bail, you can meet with different attorneys to find the best one to represent you.

2. To Continue Going to Work

You can continue working after you have been released from jail. Many employers fire employees who miss several consecutive workdays even if they missed those workdays because they were taken into police custody. Paying your bail bond will give you the opportunity to return to work right after your release.

3. To Enjoy Your Freedom

If there is a possibility that you will face prison time, you may want to relish in your freedom while it lasts. The period between your bail payment date and your final official court date may be the only chance you get to experience freedom, so be sure to make the most of it.

4. To Enter a Rehab Program

If you are arrested because of a drug-related offense, you may want to think about obtaining a bail bond so that you can check yourself into a drug rehabilitation center. You can participate in a rehab program as you wait for your initial court date to arrive. It would be beneficial to show up to court as healthy as possible, so enrolling in a rehab program may be ideal.

5. To Prepare for Imprisonment

Posting bail will give you the opportunity to make special arrangements, especially if there is a chance that you will have to serve out a prison sentence. These arrangements could include getting your finances in order so that the family members you leave behind remain well-protected. These arrangements could also include ensuring the emotional wellbeing of your relatives by discussing the best ways for them to cope with your imprisonment.

In most cases, it is recommended that you post bail. Doing so will improve the trajectory of your circumstance or prepare your family for a worst-case-scenario.


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