The Truth About Supplements: 5 Things You Should Know

Having a healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more of a luxury as life progresses. Many people have stressful jobs, hectic life, poor lifestyle, stressful relationships and disorders and diseases that cause them to have problems with their health. 

It is known that consuming a healthy diet and ensuring one receives good sleep and nutrition is key to a healthy body. But not a lot of people are able to do so, either due to lack of time or lack of awareness. 

Vitamins & supplements are created by scientists and health experts for people to supplement their diet with essential macro and micro nutrients that help in the various kinds of health functions. 

It could be as small as the upkeep of hair and nails to as important as blood thinning that helps prevent organ failures. Consuming a steady course of vitamins & supplements can help you gain all the essential nutrients healthily. 

What are Supplements?

Most people would have seen influencers and other humans consuming pills such as Calcium tablets, multivitamin tablets, Iron tablets etc. In fact, many influencers and celebrities have started endorsing supplement brands that promise shiny hair, great nails, clear skin, etc. 

But most of us have wondered whether this is real and whether it will work. It is fair to rethink consuming anything before one gets on the pill-popping trend. Supplements are a way to enhance the absorption of certain important nutrients in the body, which may be deficient in the diet or may not be completely utilized because it needs an agent that can enhance their absorption. 

Some examples of this are the relationship between Calcium and Vitamin D. Calcium is present in some of the dairy-rich foods that one consumes, such as Milk, Cheese, Butter, Yogurt and many other types of cereals and leafy vegetables. But if a patient is lacking in the Vit D factor in the body, Calcium is not absorbed as well as it should. 

Supplementing Vit D or Calcium with Vit D is one of the most common methods to deal with this issue. Similarly, iron is one of the vital nutrients for women, but most women tend to need supplementation as there is not enough iron in their diet, which is lost in menstruation. 

This is why most women are anemic today. This is the role of supplementation and why it might be a good thing for people who need help beyond their diet for certain macro and micronutrients. 

Things to know before Supplement Consumption

Here is a few facts that one must know before one starts using online vitamin supplements:

Consult a Doctor

Before using any supplements, get a nod from the doctor supported by blood work to avoid ill effects.

Not all Supplements work

Not all supplements out there really work, so one must choose the supplements that they really need.

Trustworthy Brand

Choose a trustworthy brand with science-backed supplement formula to avoid any issues or lack of quality in the product.

Switching up Diet

Supplements is not the only way and must be supported by diet. It is not a magic pill, and therefore diet needs to be rich as well.

Not for the Long Run

Most supplements are prescribed for a period and must have a gap between cycles to enhance their effect.

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