Teeth Whitening in Melbourne: Aftercare Routine

Whether during parties, formal events, or festivals, you spend the entire year clicking photos with friends and family. You might be dressed in the fanciest gown and sparkly pearls, but your smile is your prettiest accessory, so you should keep your teeth white and ready for the camera flash for a memorable photo. Approximately 30% of Melbourne citizens have gotten their teeth whitened since 2017. However, only an aftercare routine after teeth whitening in Melbourne helps you maintain your smile.

A teeth whitening procedure keeps your teeth clean and white. Over time, your teeth lose colour for various reasons, such as poor oral hygiene or root canal surgeries. Teeth whitening whitens your teeth and restores their colour to give them a natural glow.

While you can purchase DIY teeth whitening kits, teeth whitening is a thorough process and requires a steady and practised hand. According to the Australian Dental Association, teeth whitening is a painless process, but patients who whiten their teeth report pain and discomfort. Therefore, it would be best to visit a dentist.

Teeth Whitening Aftercare Tips

After successfully restoring your teeth’s brightness and colour, it is essential to retain them. Following these tips will maintain their whiteness in the long run and keep you camera-ready.

Avoid Consuming Acidic Meals

Acidic food items contain citric acids. While they please your taste buds and add flavour to food, their taste affects the enamel, resulting in stained teeth. Therefore, avoid eating acidic foods after getting your teeth whitened.

Cut Down on Tea and Coffee Consumption

Nothing refreshes one’s mind like a morning cup of tea or coffee. However, as refreshing as early morning caffeine is, it also turns your teeth yellow. After your teeth whitening treatment, drink warm water, warm milk, or plain yoghurt for the first 48 hours.

Regular Check-Ups

A crucial tip for maintaining teeth whiteness is scheduling regular dentist appointments. One in three people from Melbourne considers their oral health poor due to irregular dentist visits. Follow-up teeth whitening in Melbourne sessions allow your dentist to check your teeth and recommend additional whitening tips, depending on your diet and lifestyle.

Drink Using Straws

Your teeth directly contacting beverages, mainly citric or caffeinated drinks, stains them. Using straws prevents the liquid from directly contacting your teeth.

Avoid Drinking Fruit Juices

According to research, 100% fruit juice causes tooth erosion in humans. Soft fruit juices soften the enamel, discolour your teeth’s natural white colour and coat them with a yellow stain instead. A weak enamel leads to tooth erosion and dental caries.

Brush Regularly

Brushing your teeth at least twice daily is essential to maintain their whiteness. Brushing your teeth after waking up and before sleeping, and sometimes after every meal, removes food remnants from your teeth, keeping them shiny and healthy. Ask your dentist about the right way to brush, toothpaste, and toothbrush recommendations.

Always Rinse Your Mouth

It is only sometimes possible to brush your teeth after a meal. In such cases, carrying a mouthwash or a small antiseptic solution in your purse lets you rinse your mouth after consuming food and drinks, acidic or otherwise.

Wrapping Up

Your smile is the best make-up, and clinics for teeth whitening in Melbourne ensure your smile is ever-ready for a candid photo. However, avoid citric and caffeinated beverages for at least 48 hours after your treatment to maintain whiteness. Regular brushing your teeth and rinsing your mouth removes hidden food particles, keeping your death clean and white.

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