Sustainable Fiber Solutions – Another Perspective

There was a time when sustainable packaging was an unusual concept in the business industry. Many companies didn’t pay much thought to the idea of going green. However, various sustainable packaging like sustainable fiber solution and recycled plastics are fast becoming the norm rather than an exception. This is because of the collective effort of various industries to sustain our planet; this is probably because we only have the one.

Many manufacturing companies are looking for different sustainable packaging solutions that would help eliminate plastic packaging use in their companies. Many packaging companies are continually looking for new solutions to the problems posed by plastic packaging on the environment. Due to this, there has been a creation of many innovative packaging like sustainable fiber solutions.

Packages are created in different forms, and their designs are usually free of cruelty. One of the fantastic developments of sustainable packaging is the sustainable fiber solution that gives another perspective into sustainable packaging. It encompasses the full purpose of sustainable packaging, which is to create an eco-friendly packaging solution and reduce the level of waste and pollution in the world.

Sustainable Fiber Solution

The use of sustainable fiber solution is continually on the rise and usually encompasses the use of water-based coatings that are friendly to the earth. It is a better alternative to wax applications and is creeping into several industries like the fashion industry and the food industry. Although plastic recycling is fast becoming popular to minimize the dangers it poses to earth, less than 10% of the plastic being thrown away is ever recycled.

However, fibers are easily recycled and therefore has a more 60% recycling rate every year. The numbers continue to increase every year as many years are recognizing the advantages attached to sustainable fiber solutions. The best part of sustainable fiber solutions is that there is little to no use of raw materials in the production of these packaging; hence, water and other crucial raw materials are preserved.

Sustainable fiber solutions are very recyclable and are not toxic in any way. It is also very durable in every way and can be utilized in several ways like wraps for various products, folding cartons, and even containers for fries. Fiber packaging can also serve as clamshells, cups, food wraps. They are ideal due to their high resistance to moisture, oil, and grease.

For gardeners out there, sustainable fiber solutions also act as a great alternative to clay pots as it helps the plants retain water rather than extract water from the plant. This is beneficial for developing the roots of plants. Companies would also benefit from sustainable fiber solutions, as it is cost-effective and eco-friendly, which is the goal of every sustainable packaging.


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