Stop Using the CV Design as a Cover-Up

When you write you curriculum vitae, you might be tempted to just choose a perfect design on a CV creator in order to attract the recruiter’s eye. Please do not misunderstand us, it is important to submit a catchy and classy CV but is not enough. The beautiful design should never cover up a poor content if you want to land a job.

Does a Beautiful CV Make a Good Candidate?

The answer is obviously no because no serious recruiter will ever retain a candidate for an interview based on the graphic quality of their CV. On the contrary, they will always wonder about the motivations of that design and may suspect that it covers up a lack competence or experience. Anyway, it means that the attractiveness of the resume is critical if you want the recruiter to read the document.

So, you can go to to pick the best CV template. But then, make sure the content is as qualitative as the form. A good CV must showcase your assets, whether you have tons of experiences or not. Creating an effective resume is not about filling in the boxes of an online CV template. The quality of the form must reflect that of the content. Otherwise, you are unlikely to obtain an interview.

How to Create a Perfect CV?

As we said above, it is recommended to go on online and find the best CV template according the business area and the position you are targeting. Then, make sure everything stands on one page, or two if you really have several experiences related to the job sought. Every information you put on the resume must be pertinent and related to the position. There is no need to add an internship or a professional experience if it has nothing to do with the vacation.

On the other hand, do not hesitate to mention your soft skills and mad skills if you think it can enhance your application. Even if you have heard and read this a million time, it is essential that your CV does not include any spelling errors. It only takes one mistake to ruin your application despite all the qualities that may emerge from it. Also notice that CVs are often placed in databases nowadays, recruiters search by keywords that it is important to highlight. Therefore, identify the keywords and place them strategically in the CV sections.

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