Sanitary Pads – All you need to know

When it’s time for a young girl’s first ever period, she will initially be a little uncertain during the menstrual cycle about the function, comfort and usage that a sanitary pad can provide.

Sanitary napkins are the most common way of managing menstrual flow. They absorb blood and keep it away from clothing, protecting the wearer from stains. They also help prevent infections by keeping clothes dry and clean. 

Many women find that using sanitary pads is not comfortable but also hygienic when it comes to handling periods. Pads are being used widely, but over the years, their appearance and design haven’t altered all that much.

What are Pads?

Sanitary napkin is another word for a sanitary pad. Pads are a hygiene product for girls and women that are worn during their menstrual period to absorb menstrual blood. It is made of cotton to prevent rashes and skin irritation.

Sanitary napkins online and in stores are available in different shapes, sizes, materials, and absorbencies. Depending on the brand, the pad’s shape might vary, although most of them have a rectangular or triangular shape. The size of the pads is measured in inches. 

The size is based on the length of the pad; it ranges from 3 inches to 8 inches long. Most brands have different sizes, so women can choose one depending on their requirements.

The material used for making napkins depends on its type and purpose. For example, suppose you want a sanitary pad that will be comfortable and stay dry throughout your period. In that case, you should buy one made with soft cotton fabric or bamboo fibre material because they are easy and comfortable to use and do not irritate your skin when worn during periods. 

However, if you prefer to buy sanitary pads online that are more durable, choose one made with viscose material as it’s stronger than cotton fabric but softer than bamboo fibre material which makes it perfect for every day.

How to use it?

The first step to using a sanitary napkin is to remember to remove the paper on the back side of the pad before you place it on your panty. Once that’s done, you can move on to wrapping the wings around both sides of your panty and pressing firmly.

Make sure to properly dispose of your sanitary napkin after using it by wrapping it in toilet paper and dumping it in the trash.

When to change?

It’s a common question that women around the world ask themselves during their periods, and while there isn’t a universal solution that works for all women, there are a few things that can affect how long you ought to use a pad.

The first thing to keep in mind is that it’s normal to lose between four and twelve teaspoons of blood during your period. Even though it might seem like a lot, most ladies only lose three to five tablespoons of blood per month. So if you’re worried about not changing your pad often enough, remember, you’re probably fine.

Disposal methods:

To make the most of when you buy sanitary pads and use them, you must dispose of them properly.

First, remove the paper on the back side of the pad and place it on your panty.

Second, Remove the wings’ paper covering. The wings should be tightly wrapped around the panty’s two sides.

You may make it simple for waste collectors to recognize and separate sanitary waste by following these measures. Now that this trash can be managed hygienically and recycled, there will be little environmental impact.


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