Hiring a divorce lawyer in Utah: Things to know!

No matter whether you want to go for a no-fault divorce, or have points of contention that must be negotiated with your spouse, you must hire a lawyer. Like many other states, Utah allows for both fault-based and no-fault divorce. Working with an experienced Sandy divorce lawyer can help your case in many ways. Of course, not all attorneys are the same, so you need to check a few basic details. In this post, we are sharing more on what it takes to hire an attorney in Utah for your divorce. 

  1. Get recommendations. If some you know – maybe a friend, relative, or colleague – has gone through a divorce in Utah, you can ask them about the attorneys they have worked with. References are always handy when it comes to sorting divorce lawyers, or else, just check online to find the list of best-rated law firms in your area. 
  2. Meet your divorce lawyer. You never know the worth of a divorce lawyer, unless you have met them in person. Make sure that you ask for a personal meeting, so that you can discuss all about your case. Lawyers specializing in family laws know that circumstances surrounding a divorce can vary in all ways, and they usually have an empathetic but practical approach. 
  3. Discuss your expectations. Just because you agree with your spouse on filing the divorce, it doesn’t mean that you cannot demand a few things. Talk to your divorce lawyer in depth as what you expect from the case. For instance, would you want the custody of your child? Do you need spousal maintenance? If there are facts that can impact your settlement agreement, let your lawyer know.
  4. Ask about fee. It is important to find a lawyer who is experienced but also affordable at the same time. Most divorce lawyers like to work on an hour basis, depending on the facts of the case. Note that attorneys in Utah cannot fight such cases on a contingency basis, unlike personal injury lawsuits. Make sure that you are aware of all costs related to the divorce. 
  5. Know your options. Ask your divorce attorney about the possible aspects that can impact your expectations and demands. Contrary to what many people believe, lawyers will actually work on resolving complications, and they are usually inclined towards finalizing the divorce as soon as possible. 

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