Everything you need to know about Grailed

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If you are interested in high end menswear for low prices, Grailed will definitely grab your attention. Founded in the United States in 2014, this website has been growing a lot throughout the years until becoming one of the most important reselling marketplace of the world. Selling on grailed is a must if you want to be in the latest fashion of fashion market.

Made from men for men

The founders of this website are a group of men who used to look for high end menswear at an affordable price online. When they realized the difficulties that this meant, they decided to create their own website where people can do what they couldn’t. That’s how Grailed was born. Firstly in a small office in New York, and later in a bigger one, where they operate nowadays.

What kind of clothes do you find on Grailed?

If you explore the website you will find mainly exclusive high-end fashion items for men from many distinguished brands. Furthermore, the staff are constantly monitoring the posts and evaluating if it complies with the standards of the company and the fashion of that time, which is in continuing change. The clothes are divided in four categories: high-end designer, streetwear and sneakers, classic menswear and low-end products. Sellers categorize their items and after an evaluation they begin to be online. One month after the publishing, Grailed started to “bumped” and to offer discounts up to 30% on those products. They take 6% commision of each sale, a porcentage considerably low.

The website

Modern, fresh, easy to understand and simple to explore are some characteristics of the website. Of course, it is designed for young people due to the clothes on it and the navigation, but everyone can use it to find their new clothes. In addition to publishing and purchasing, you can interact with other users to discuss fashion. The buys are protected by the site and they are available to sort out any issue that might happen. Besides, there is much more in Grailed. You can find articles from designers, news, style, interviews, new yorkers outfits and models using clothes bought in their site. Many famous designers have collaborated with them making the site a top option in the market. You can find clothes, inspiration or knowledge, whatever you are looking for.

In conclusion

“Grial” is a way of calling that article that you are desperate for and you will do anything in order to acquire it. If you are in that situation for a particular article, grailed is your website. You can find much more than just clothes, but for sure you will find what you are looking for much cheaper than in a traditional store. Or even if it is not on sale anymore, here you may find it too. Is designed by fashion lovers for fashion lovers.


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