What Happened With Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry? All Details Here!

A teen murder case that took place back more than a decade ago in 2007 is hitting the headlines again. The whole matter has been seen surfacing on the Internet once again with gabriel kuhn and daniel patry pics twitter. People want to know what exactly happened between the two teenagers involved in the case, Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry. This article will cover all the key details of gabriel kuhn and daniel patry story.

Who was Gabriel Kuhn?

Gabriel Kuhn was one of the teenagers involved in the tragic incident in 2007. He was a 12-year-old boy living in Blumenau, Brazil. Gabriel used to play a sport called Tibia, and as per the sources, the incident had occurred due to the particular game.

Who is Daniel Patry?

who is daniel patry

Daniel Patry was the other teenage boy involved in the tragic incident of 2007. Patry’s parents had accepted that their child was showing signs of aggression and anger. They had sent him to therapy, but he had returned without completing his session. The school always complained about him missing homework and bunking classes. He was obsessed with the game Tibia and even skipped school sometimes to play it.

What happened between Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry?

What happened between Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry?

As one can understand from the gabriel kuhn and daniel patry pics, both people involved in the fight were kids. As per the sources and the information available to the public, Daniel Patry (16) had killed Gabriel Kuhn (12) after torturing and harassing him badly. The story is that Gabriel had borrowed some money from Daniel to use while playing Tibia but had refused to pay him back. This enraged Daniel because of which he killed him.

It was also later discovered that Daniel suffers from anger problems. His parents had also sent him to a psychiatrist for therapy sessions, but he did not do them. Indeed, the gabriel kuhn daniel patry story is a shocking one.

How did Gabriel Kuhn die?

Gabriel Kuhn died due to being tortured and harassed by Daniel Patry. Both gabriel kuhn and daniel patry used to play a game called Tibia. Gabriel had taken money from Daniel to use in the game but then refused to pay him back. Daniel got angry and harassed him until he was dead at the gabriel kuhn crime scene. According to sources, Daniel would have used that money later in the game. You can find gabriel kuhn daniel patry photo online. gabriel kuhn cuerpo was sent for a gabriel kuhn pictures autopsy.


1. What weapon did Daniel use?

Daniel had first started beating the 12-year-old with his bare hands until the latter was covered in blood. He then took a cord and wrapped it around his neck to choke him. The gabriel kuhn scene photos surfaced on the net for a while.

2. Is Daniel Patry in jail?

Daniel Patry is supposedly moving free at this moment. Despite accepting his horrible crime, he was only sentenced to three years in prison.

3. How old is Daniel Patry now?

Daniel Patry is currently 30 years old. However, no more information about him can be found on Google due to security concerns.

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