The direction of road freight transport post Corona

In 2020 everything changed. The business as usual is no longer of this time. A great urge for innovation has grown, also in the transportation and logistics sector. What this innovation looks like? Well, very digital to be exact.

The winners

The trend of digitization is noticeable everywhere. For example, take a look at the type of transport companies that have managed to hold their head above the water during these uncertain times. All of these logistic companies have embraced the latest technologies, which gave them a head start as opposed to other – more conservative – transport companies when the pandemic of the Corona virus began. Digital freight platform Quicargo for instance noted they saw the demand for digital solutions grow, which caused them to triple their revenue in the first half of 2020. In addition, other digital logistic companies, such as Cogoport and Uberfreight, have become more popular than ever.

Fulfilling the role of an early adapter

Although digitization and data seem to be the future of the transportation sector, most companies still remain hesitant. Not even 10% of all waybills and delivery notes is digital yet. Yes really, less than 10%… Because of this, sharing data – which would optimize logistics and transportation processes significantly – would be extremely difficult. Hence, logistic companies should take the role of early adapters and implement digital documentation into their processes. The additional bonus of sharing data? This way, considerable transparency with regards to the prices and processes is provided.

Continuous intelligence

Let’s say you want to embrace new technologies. Where do you start? An abundance of managers rely on continuous intelligence to speed up their shift towards digitization. Using this technology can be extremely beneficial, as it processes data more quickly than humans will ever be able to do. The system behind continuous intelligence analyses the available data in near real time. This enables managers to act almost instantly. Sounds good, right?

The key to survival

Although this all sounds very promising, the logistics and transportation sector is still facing two extremely difficult years. The only key to survival during the Corona virus pandemic is being able to use technology in such a way that it forecasts what is going to happen sometime in advance. Use data to plan the operations planning a few months ahead, so that the team still has the necessary time and rest to be resilient in case of unexpected events.

The way forward

Concluding, a direction in which the logistics and transportation industry undergoes a digital transformation is the way to go. Times in which digital processes and technological innovations play a big role are indeed ahead of us. Hence, following this trend of digitization is crucial to stay relevant in the road freight sector.

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