Surprise Your Loved One with a Photo Book Gift

Photo books have been a way to organize digital photos in physical form to make them easier to preserve for longer. Additionally, other numerous occasions require a customized photo book to document milestones, celebrate an achievement, remember events, and relive travels. You can also use these books as perfect gifts to your loved ones to make sure they remember the occasion for years to come. Try Mixbook, the best photo book maker, to enjoy the simplicity and their wide range of templates. Here is what you need to know about photo books:

Who can give a photo book as a gift?

One of the best benefits of photo books is that they are suitable for any occasion throughout the year. When you find it challenging to choose a gift for a specific holiday, just make a photo book to give to your loved one and make their day. This primarily benefits people who love snapping photos on every occasion. The other advantage is that you have the choice to customize them to your liking. The following are recipients who can benefit from your photo book gifts:

  •       Family: If you spend most of your time with family, they will be glad to see a collection of beautiful moments spent together. If it’s their special occasion, dig up childhood photos, make them into a book and give them for graduation, birthday, or Christmas. Mixbook gives you a choice to add short texts to make them feel special.
  •       Best friend: We spend a lot of our time with best friends. Surprise them with a book of these shots in a reunion to ensure they never forget. You can also add a personalized gift to accompany the photo book.
  •       Spouse: When you find yourself in a dilemma the next time your anniversary approaches, make a photo book of moments together through thin and thick. You can be sure it will be one of their best anniversaries so far.
  •       Colleague: You can use a photo book to appreciate coworkers or other people in your larger circle. This may include neighbors, business partners, and other acquaintances.
  •       Newlyweds: If a friend or family member is about to tie the knot, find their favorite photos and make an album of those images. Alternatively, you can wait until after the wedding to make a photo book with the professional wedding photos.

Personalizing a Photo Book

  •       Collect photos: This is the first and the most critical step of all. You collect photos with the recipient and the event in mind. You must also consider quality, such as resolution.
  •       Choose a theme: Mixbook gives you a wide range of templates to choose from. Decide on a theme and design, keeping the number of photos in mind.
  •       Upload photos and personalize: The final step is uploading chosen photos and arranging them in your desired order. Add a text to tell a story.

The list of photo book ideas is endless. You have an option to make simple books like pet photos to more unique ones like adoption books. Browse through photo books provided by Mixbook to find the one that is unique to you. You will also enjoy the simplicity because one does not have to be a computer expert to use the software.


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