Learn More About White-Label Sweatshirts and Other Clothing

Are you wondering what the term “white-label” means? White-label is an important term in the fashion industry, describing any service or product that one company makes for another to resell under its own branding. Companies that offer white-label fashion often find it more cost-effective and faster to create a product than to find a manufacturer. 

Additionally, clients can customize white-label fashion according to their specific needs. For example, a white-label fashion company might create a dress for a bridal company. In contrast, another might make a suit for a corporate client who wants to put its own labels on the blazer’s inside.

White-label fashion is a significant part of the industry and helps save money and time in a few key ways: 

Product Development

If a brand has an idea for a garment and wants to put together a design but needs the tools or know-how to digitize patterns for a manufacturer, white-label manufacturers can help. First, the designer may send the idea to the manufacturer or supplier for a quote. Once agreeing on the price, the brand can order the necessary supplies and have the garment made to their specifications. This process can be time-saving for brands that have a lot of ideas and need more time to develop each one individually.


Manufacturing can be time-consuming, and white-label fashion companies can help by doing some of the work. For example, a white-label fashion company might create the garment design but outsource the manufacturing to a factory familiar with the brand’s specifications. Therefore, saving the brand time and money and ensuring on-time delivery of the garment.


White-label fashion companies can often customize products for their clients. For example, a white-label fashion company might be able to create a dress in a specific color or style, but the client can choose the fabric and details. As a result, allowing clients more control over the final product can make it easier to find the right dress for a special occasion.

Product Testing

Having an idea and executing it are very different things. You may still need to learn how execution works when translating designs and concepts into actual products. However, a white-label fashion company will have experience making products and can help to test the garment before sending it to the factory. Therefore, it can avoid any issues and ensure a quality end product.

Experience is another aspect of product testing that is often difficult to replicate. However, a white-label fashion company can bring its years of experience to bear on a garment and help to ensure that it meets the brand’s high standards and be invaluable in helping to differentiate a brand from the competition.

Market Research

Knowing your customer and finding the products that a broad market will like is a time-consuming process. However, white-label fashion companies can often do market research and find the right products for their clients. For example, a white-label fashion company can find a dress inspired by a trend that is popular on the red carpet but with a unique twist—helping to differentiate a brand from the competition and give customers something they haven’t seen before.

They have also worked with many other clients to create designs that people already like and buy. So while a single brand will have sales insights into a narrow market corner, a white-label fashion company can offer insights into a much wider group of customers. They can also create a range of products that appeal to a much broader audience.

When a white-label fashion company starts working with a brand, it will help define the brand’s needs and provide a solution that meets those needs. So while the company may specialize in a particular area, it can work with the brand to find a solution that meets its needs and the market.

Tips to Keep in Mind for White-Label Fashion

Regarding white-label fashion, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, always get a quote from a supplier or manufacturer before beginning any project to ensure that the final product is cost-effective and meets the brand’s high standards. Second, test the garment before bulk order to help to avoid any issues down the road and ensure a quality end product. 

Finally, market research and find the products that a broad market will like. However, this can be a time-consuming process, but white-label fashion companies can help to make it easier and often only sell the best products that sell the most.

If you are interested in starting with white-label fashion, there are a few resources you can use. One option is to look online for white-label fashion companies specializing in a particular area. Another option is to speak to a business coach who can help you map out a plan and provide resources to help you get started.

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