How Should Men Wear Trousers Casually?

Trousers or pants as they are commonly referred to, is one of the two basic constituencies of a men’s attire. Pants are often paired with either a shirt, collared T-shirt or casual round neck T-shirts. Trousers are a more formal term that refer to pants that are made for formal settings and are meant to be worn with shirts both casual or formal. 

Formal pants for men are made differently from casual trousers for men. Even though formal trousers for men and casual trousers are common terms, there is a lot that goes into making the distinction between the two. 

For those who are looking to buy formal or casual trousers for men either for themselves or for their beloved ones, knowing the various types that are there in the market today and then using the information to decide which trousers would serve them the best is a good way to go. 

Trousers can be tricky as there are plenty of types in the market and each one has a different style and utility. Knowing how to choose and style trousers is important for men. 

Choosing a Casual Trouser

There are plenty of casual trouser pants for men in the market. There are different classifications that they are divided into based on parameters such as fabric, style, occasion, purpose etc.

Knowing what kind of purpose and style one wants to go for is the first step in choosing the best trousers for men. Below are some of the common types of trousers for men and the ways that it can be styles based on various factors such as comfort, occasion, pattern or design:

Cotton Trousers

Casual cotton trousers are perhaps the norm in the industry. Not only is cotton one of the most versatile fabrics, it offers the best comfort for the user. Cotton is lightweight, airy, breathable and is excellent when used in summer. The fabric is excellent in absorbing any sweat and keeps the skin cool. 

It is also hypoallergenic and therefore is suited for those with sensitive skin as well. The options for cotton trousers for men are plentiful in the market and are available as formal pants, casual pants, Chinos, straight fit pants, regular fit pants, etc. 

Slimline Trousers

This variety of trouser is new and is fast catching up in the market. Slimline trousers are excellent to give shape and make the person look thinner and taller. Slimline trousers are also excellent for wearing casually or formally. 

Although men’s formal trousers slim fit options are more popular, these pants can be easily paired with a casual shirt for a free and relaxed casual look. Slimline trousers come in many fabrics such as cotton, linen, corduroy and even wool. 


Chinos or twill chinos are a great fashion option for those looking for nice casual trousers for men. Chinos are ankle length and made from a special weave design called Twill which gives it the characteristic name and fashion.

Chinos are excellent for casual purposes but can also be used as semi-formal attires for working lunches, casual work weekends etc. Chinos can be paired well with casual shirts or T-shirts for an excellent appeal that not only brings out a youthful and stylish side but is also very comfortable. They can be worn all year round but may be more suited for spring and summer than fall.

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