How does laser marking work?

Many companies need to customize and make their products unique. Laser marking meets this need.

The laser marking is a process that is mainly executed on metals and that can be applied to a virtually infinite number of machining operations. In particular, the marking is used to favor the complete traceability of a component, a procedure necessary to comply with ISO quality standards.

The traceability begins with marking, and choose the laser marking systems more efficient automates the staining procedures, ensuring a high level of control over its products.

A technology that can have a high cost for companies. Even if, today, laser marking machines are increasingly purchased used , taking part in online judicial auctions. Many platforms offer this service, and you don’t need to be an “expert” to find the best deal.

What is laser marking

In fact, not everyone knows exactly what laser markings are and what they are for. So let’s try to understand how this very interesting procedure can be explained.

Through laser marking, many types of metals are easily processed : in addition to aluminum, steel, iron, brass, gold, silver, platinum, palladium and titanium can be processed.

Laser markings are made for an infinite number of processes; they serve to make the brands of companies much more visible and traceable in the long term.

Laser marking is essential for any product and serves to guarantee the origin and information of a production nature and also regarding the materials used.

This technology affects many commercial realities, from electronics to mechanics, from jewelry to new medical and paramedical technologies.

Benefits of laser marking

Being a “non-contact” technology, laser marking allows not only deep engraving and product identification, but also the execution of extremely detailed and clean manufacturing processes , ensuring a very high resolution finish, without damaging the surface of materials with burrs and abrasions.

Laser marking is also a type of processing designed to guarantee durability and resistance to acids, corrosion and atmospheric agents. Another advantage is the speed of this technology. Laser marking machines are able to quickly and accurately engrave any type of surface and material, increasing the productivity of your business and ensuring maximum safety for those who use these equipment.

Types of laser processing

The main laser processing techniques include surface blackening, engraving and deep marking.

Blackening consists in the application, through local heating of the surface, of a layer of oxide, usually black in color. The advantages of this technique are that the surface tends to remain uniform.

With engraving , on the other hand, the material is removed from the metal surface or in harder alloys. Through the penetration of the laser beam part of the surface is removed, generating a well “marked” slit (hollow) thanks to the high temperatures of the laser.

Finally, deep laser marking is used for interventions that require high precision and, in particular, a slit at a certain depth in the surface to be treated. The advantages of this sophisticated technology are many and make it widely used in industrial processes. In fact, the removal of the material in layers also allows to obtain markings with a radius of a few millimeters, which are difficult to achieve through machining with mechanical processes.

Prices of laser marking for metals

Laser marking is a complex process that requires high precision machinery. Undoubtedly, for a slightly higher price you can get better quality.

However, we must also evaluate the reliability of the manufacturer , as well as define whether the characteristics of the machinery reflect our needs. This is a necessary assessment to ensure you are making the best purchase.

The prices of laser marking for metals can be high as it is a procedure that requires great professionalism and experience. You cannot improvise, which is why it is important to invest in quality and efficient machinery.

Used laser marking machines: the economical and safe alternative

If you want to buy cheap laser marking machines , there are many savings opportunities in the second-hand market. For example, by consulting the various sites dedicated to free ads, you can contact the sellers directly and complete the purchase without paying any commission. However, the reliability of the seller is not always guaranteed, and even the most scrupulous examination of the machinery does not allow to exclude every slightest defect. In addition, some unethical salespeople purposely conceal machine failures. Check more information in here

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