Why Hiring Customs Clearance Companies Better Than Handling the Process On Your Own?

Importing goods in Canada needs vigilant services that can be purchased at customs broker companies like Clearit. This firm and a few others alike offer best guidance and manage the entire customs workflow on your behalf so that your consignments are never delayed.

The guide below will take you through the procedure of registering with them and a brief description about the benefits of letting them handle all your imports.

Registering with Clearit

There couldn’t have been an easier way to register with a custom clearance company than it is with clearit. The simple steps include:

  • Creating an account with them.
  • Uploading all required documents – commercial invoice, purchase bill, ITN number, value of the entire consignment in Canadian dollars, etc.

Furthermore, the company assigns a personal agent to handle the paperwork for your cargo.

  • The agent will remind you about the missing documents (if any) before submitting the final documents to the customs.
  • After the payment of import duties, the package will be cleared as soon as possible – there are a few exceptions. Cargo by ocean needs more time to get the clearance.

Benefits of Hiring Custom Brokers at Clearit

Custom brokers at clearit are licensed and highly experienced. They can handle all kinds of issues ad hoc so that your consignment doesn’t get stuck at the customs. Some of the best benefits offered by them are listed below.

  1. They Offer All Necessary Services

Getting goods cleared at customs requires an array of services that are all provided at one place only by elite companies.

The most relevant services include the following.

  • Generation of ITN Number – ITN is mandatory when importing from the US. It’s required before the export can happen. The Clearit itn numbers are thus provided upon request. All you have to pay is 125 Canadian dollars.
  • Digital Communication for Documentation – Papers in hand are usually likely to get misplaced. This delays customs clearance. But, elite companies use the digital mode to file documents for customs clearance. Thus, there’s no chance of documents getting misplaced.

Besides, their agents are always present on the export site to physically check that the goods aren’t damaged at the time of export.

  1. They Offer Services at Fair Prices

Elite firms have 1 specialty – they do not force their clients to buy all the services they offer. You can always pay for individual services like 125 CAD for itn.

If you want them to handle the work from A to Z, they have their services priced at 389.99 CAD only.

  1. They Offer Transportation Facility After Customs Clearance

They work with freight providers. Once your consignment is cleared at customs, you will need to transport it. Whether you want yours to be transported to Amazon warehouse for online sale or directly to the customers, Clearit can lend a hand at the cheapest means of transportation.

All in all, it’s best to hire such companies for stress-free customs clearance of your goods into Canada.

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