Ways To Choose A Refining Company

So that you can get the best out of your catalytic converter processing system with a process in which you have confidence, we present several criteria that you can use to assess the performance and transparency of your recycling partner.

Comparative Figure

Your recycler should provide a complete physical count to enable a breakdown into whole units, halves, aftermarket converters, wire/metal/foil converters, diesel power units, diesel particulate filters (DPFs), and empty units. This should then be compared to your count before shipping, and you must have an accurate understanding of your count, both as a total and with a breakdown, before shipping.

You should even send in your “empties” as there may still be a small amount of catalyst in it, and a sound processor will cut these and add that material in. You should also coordinate with your recycling partner about how the various materials are operated together or separately.

Check Your Program

Learn key metrics and track actual sales – data doesn’t lie if you know where it came from and how to interpret it. Also, learn to avoid misleading data like the average converter price. To know exactly how much money, you make on every sale, you should know the accurate price per unit, per pound, and average weight per unit. To be accurate, you need to know their number and weights and hold your recycling partner responsible for any discrepancies.

A Weight Distribution

After grinding the scrap catalyst and the dust (and don’t forget that the dust from the depreservation and grinding contains the highest proportion of precious metals) and the sample preparation, your recycler should then provide you with its weight again within a small tolerance.

This weight forms the total wet weight of your load; subtract from it the residual scrap and a small amount of evaporation during the milling process to give you the net wet weight of your cargo. The sample assay then determines the percentage of moisture that provides the settlement weight when subtracted from the net wet weight. Your partner should be able to provide the data for each phase of this surgery.

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