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Tips for Successfully Upgrading Your Church


Several places remind us of our mortality and the existence of something more significant than the universe, and churches are one such place. The church has long been a sacred place where God’s holy family gathers for worship, and it’s look and design triggers a different feeling from what you would feel in any other building.

Admittedly, the church is more than a building. However, the appearance of your church and its facilities sends a message to your community. So, if you feel your church needs a facelift and you’re unsure of where to begin, here are a few tips to successfully upgrade your church.

Update signs and church amenities and accessories.

Church signs are essential, as they communicate information and give visitors a sense of security. In addition, proper signage helps your visitors have a good first-time experience. When you have signages in the appropriate places, this makes it easy for visitors to navigate through the church and blend in seamlessly without stress or feeling like a bother by asking for directions.

Take a walk around the church premises and imagine you’re walking into your church for the first time. Are there signs that show where to park? Do visitors know where to take their children? Can they use the bathroom without asking for directions? This assessment will help you know where you need to place new signs and which ones need to be updated.

Furthermore, while assessing your facility, also note your amenities and religious supplies like bibles, holy water pots, holy cards, chalices, processional crosses, crucifixes, and other sacramentals. If they’re worn out or old, you should consider replacing them.

Create a shared space.

Gone are the days when churches restricted themselves to only church activities. These days, people prefer a church that acknowledges other areas of their life and finds ways to promote them. On that note, creating a shared space for activities outside of the regular church functions is a great way to maximize space and broaden your reach efficiently.

Depending on the size of your available space, you can choose to build a gym, nursery, children’s ministry, or a multi-purpose facility. Having spaces like this sends a message to your community that you care about family values and a balanced lifestyle. Besides, it also promotes outreach because the community can use your facility for recreational activities and events.

Admittedly, starting new construction or renovation project requires funds that you or your church may not have the budget for at the moment. However, you can check Influential Times (influentialtimes.com) for tips on financing new construction, roof repair, or even having a contractor assess your space and fixing a bad credit score if you have a bad credit history and can’t take loans.

Improve your curb appeal.

As already mentioned, first impressions matter, especially when it comes to your church’s exterior appearance. Your church’s exterior is the first thing visitors and strangers see. Therefore, if you’re thinking of upgrading your church, it only makes sense that you consider improving your curb appeal. A great place to start is your roof. You see, not only is the roof a vital part of your church’s insulation and weatherproofing system, but it also accounts for more than half of your visual exterior, making it an essential part of your church’s overall appeal.

Depending on the current state of your roof, you may want to roof replacement or roof repair. Either way, make sure you use a reliable roofing contractor whose workmanship and customer service are efficient. For instance, you should search for a local company, like Bowie roofing companies if you’re in Bowie, and find a team of professionals provide excellent services and ensure customer satisfaction.

Add a new coat of paint.

Never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint. It’s one of the most affordable yet effective ways of giving your church a vibrant and new look. A fresh coat of paint can instantly revive a decade-old church and make it look new and appealing. So, if you have faded or stained walls that make your church look neglected, you should consider repainting them.

When choosing paint, try to stick to your church’s brand colors. Or, if you don’t have any, look up some of the most trendy colors to get inspirations on what color to pick. Also, it’s worthy to note that investing in high-quality paint will save you more money in the long run, as you’ll need fewer coats to do the job, and they will last longer than their cheaper alternatives.

Add some greenery.

Upgrading Your Church

Flowers and plants are a great way to add life, color, and character to the inside of your church. A simple flower arrangement by your information booth will go a long way in adding warmth to the area. Alternatively, if you find using real flowers to be an inconvenience, you can opt to decorate rooms with high-quality fake plants that are long-lasting, look great, and add beauty to your space.

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