Seasonal Essentials: The Changing Fashion Trends in Australia

The development of civilization in favour of Australia happened gradually, and that includes fashion also. While the Britishers first inhabited the place, the dresses were similar to those worn by the Europeans. These were mostly things that suited cold climates, and that didn’t fit in Australia. 

Soon the fashion trends evolved with the culture. There was a new dimension in the arena of clothing. Be it jackets, t-shirts, women’s lingerie, or men’s underwear; there began to be many choices. Various clothing brands began to be established that gained fame all over the world.

The Seasonal Influence

Earlier fashion and culture were two non sequitur combinations in Australia. The Australian culture, style, and civility were considered to be a paradox. The influence of the settlers was the only influence in fashion, making it less attractive. However, as time went by the evolution also occurred.

It is evident that the fashion trend in Australia is mostly dependent on the weather. The northern state experiences warmer weather most of the time in a year, while the southern states experience cooler ones. However, the winters are mild, with less contrast with the summers. 

This article will give an elaborate idea of the evolving fashion trends in Australia based on the weather.

The Summer Glam

Long dresses running down till the flow evolved into shorter versions to survive the hot climate. Later the sophisticated fashion ideas came to be more casual and comfortable. The Australian style took an informal and practical approach and gave more importance to the climate. T-shirts, moleskin trousers, and wide hats took the central position as it went well with Australia’s hot weather.

In the present times, summer fashion has evolved into more specific looks and twists. The milkmaid tops and dresses with puff sleeves and square ties are a trendsetter in 2020. These tops are often worn with slip skirts on the trend list for many years now. Men have adopted more lightweight tailoring and accessories with breathable fabrics. The focus is more on comfort here. 

The Textured Spring Dots

The Aussies have headed back to the seventies bohemian style to compliment the spring season. There has been a high demand for polka dots in dresses and skirts, which will stay for a long while, say most stylists in Australia. Moreover, more prints and textured are evolving into the collection.

Puff sleeves are another trendsetter in the spring season, which is going to gain momentum everywhere soon. The dye collections add to the textured looks in the spring. Aussie men still have the craze for colours and patterns. Black and whites spotted, or striped shorts, paired with a solid shirt and sunnies are the perfect spring look for Australian men.

The Woolen Winters

Women tend to prefer the flares with the perfect cut. Kint dresses paired with leather jackets are also on the trend list. However, winters or not, matching sets are never out of fashion. The men prefer woollen overcoats with dress shirts and trousers most of the time.


Even though the Aussie does not give a lot of importance to fashion, they make sure that they are clothed appropriately for the season. Moreover, there are a lot of brands that offer varieties from women’s dresses to men’s underwear

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