Scope of Digital marketing

Digital Marketing is the way to hold a trending profession. Recognizing the significance of this modern marketing, brands are getting impressively active to focus on it and hence the digital marketing skills are on high demand broadening its scope in the market. With the increasing scope of digital marketing, the requirement of quality and comprehensive digital marketing course training is also increasing at a great rate. Multiple career choices and higher pay are some of the salient benefits of choosing a digital marketing career. On top of that, marketers are making smart use of its various techniques to target mass audience effectively.

The Digital Marketing Scope in India and Abroad

The great growth in the number of Digital Marketing Institutes across the country is an evidence for the anticipated possibilities in this industry. This is an added advantage for students looking for expert guidance to redefine their career in internet marketing. Now let us go through the digital marketing scope in the domestic as well as international countries.

In recent times, the most futuristic career opportunity is internet marketing/digital marketing. The growth of digital marketing is demonstrated by the statistics- generating 8 lakhs jobs in the primary quarter of the year 2017. India’s Largest Job platform, has announced and posted as many as 13,000 vacancies for digital marketing designations through its portal in 2017. However, digital marketing certification is the key recruitment parameter for 91% of top companies while around 48% of employers were ready to offer higher pay to only those who are certified in the domain. This is why, digital marketing course training is gaining preference at this point.

In support of digitization, India’s Prime Minister has come up with a campaign “Digital India”. And it serves as a promotional idea for digital marketing, which has led to a greater number of jobs for people! So, it’s a great signal for those who want to make a career in digital marketplace.

Now let us have a brief on the benefits of digital marketing career.

Massive job Opportunity

Being reliable, accessible, engaging, and measurable method of marketing, digital marketing is like a magic tool for businesses. As more and more companies join the online marketplace for a mass audience reach, the career opportunities in digital marketing are ever-rising. Unlike other employment sectors in the country, this is an evergreen field. You can either become an expert digital marketer or can simply specialize in any field like search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing, etc.


Digital marketing industry enjoys a very open culture. With a vast knowledge of digital marketing tools and techniques, you are all set to become the next successful digital marketer. There are several sub-domains within digital marketing domain such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, online reputation management, and many more. You can either work in any of these sub-domains for full-time, part-time, or even as a freelancer. You will celebrate great flexibility and remuneration in this field.

Higher Paid Profile

Digital marketing profession is one of the highest paying careers. According to Google, the national average salary of a senior digital marketing manager in India is 447,346 INR, and that in abroad is $95,415.

Digital Marketing Course & Certification

Around 60% of professionals think that certification provided them with a new job. Therefore, it’s a wise decision to take up a digital marketing course at any well-known institute to acquire a certification and grasp new opportunities in this domain.

In order to select the best digital marketing course institute, you must look at their experience, testimonials, details of course curriculum, additional provisions like internship and placement assistance. Furthermore, we suggest you to join an institution that goes with your budget.

Bottom Line

We have tried our best to make you understand the bright scope of digital marketing in the coming years. So, if you want to start or re-shape your career, you can definitely choose digital marketing.

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