Retractable Pool Cover: Your Pool-Top Water Heroes

It is halfway through summer in Australia, and every single person can feel the dreaded, almost violent heat. Everyone is wondering and searching for ways to cope with the heat. Some take solace in a chilled beer, or even a fresh whipped batch of the finest ice cream, money can buy. But these outlets may not be the healthiest, as a beer can bloat you up the same way, a high caloric scoop of ice cream does. It annihilates the summer body everyone slaved away for months, in a matter of days. After a wide research, it has been found that the healthiest way of staying fit and cool in the heat is by using a swimming pool. However, people avoid owning them because they are very tough to clean, and no one has the time to dedicate to that. However, there is an easy and quick fix to save you from pool-cleaning, and that is, using a retractable pool cover.

What Are the Issues With the Simple Pool Covers?

Pools can be a handful in the summers as birds flying above or wrestling in the overhanging trees can introduce many dangerous new friends to the owner’s water. It can lead to many diseases that can potentially put the swimmers’ lives in danger or ruin the entire look and aesthetic, making the whole pool unappealing. Also, no one wants a messy pool! A perfect solution to this would be to buy a simple pool cover. Although, just the very amount of time it takes to cover and uncover the entire pool before every single usage, daily or monthly, is a workout on its own. Whether it is a pool or a small hot tub, covering it is difficult, almost as tricky as cleaning the pool itself.

Why Pool Enthusiasts Need a Retractable Pool Cover

The best way of not throwing out one’s back and managing to cover the pool would be investing in a retractable pool cover. It does all the work that one would have to do at the expense of a simple push of a button. Owners can have their pool covered in a matter of seconds, making things nearly a thousand times easier and eliminating the hassle of covering the pool. By using a retractable cover, the owner can reduce the cost of heating a pool and minimise chemical use that puts a huge dent into their wallets.

One major benefit of having a retractable pool cover is that it saves massively on the owner’s water bill. A pool loses a lot of water every day due to evaporation from the sun’s heat. An adequate pool cover can prevent that and reduce the number of times one may have to refill their pool. This way, the water bill can be exponentially lowered. Retractable pool covers are proven to be safer than a simple pool fence as it encloses the entire pool safe from any random spills and avoiding some embarrassing wet falls. They can reduce the overall maintenance costs of a pool and increase the property value in case the owner decides to sell the house. Buying a pool cover can be a bit expensive, although some reputed firms are out there, which can make the process cheaper and more manageable. 


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