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Under the Economic Relief Program of the Philippines’ MAKA-tulong P5K for 500K Makatizen initiative, the government has set up P2.7 billion for the city’s population. Funds designated for pandemic assistance provided by COVID-19 are dispersed among the city’s citizens.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old and either currently reside in Makati City or have just relocated from one of the regions that have been hit the worst by the epidemic in order to be considered eligible.

In addition, in order for them to be eligible for the program, they need to be registered with Makatizen cards or Yellow cardholders under MHP, or they need to be a voter in Makati City.

What is meant by the term “proudmakatizen”?

Citizens of Makati who are interested in learning more about the procedure for registering for vaccines can do so through the online site, which acts as a central location for this information. On the homepage of the website, customers have the option of selecting from one of eight different sections.

Many individuals in Makati, which is the most urbanized city in the Philippines and the country’s financial center, utilize these portals to learn more about the government’s many initiatives and activities.

Visit the website and go through the various parts to learn about active vaccination campaigns in your country if you reside in the city and are interested in learning more about them. You will be able to find out all you need to know about them.

Proudmakatizen’s Professional Services are Available Here!

  • Vaccination registration (Covid-19)
  • “The 5K MAKA- Tulong”
  • Registration for pneumonia vaccinations
  • Accreditation for vaccine registration (private clinics and medical practitioners in Manila)
  • Ayuda Makati
  • Appointment scheduling online
  • Register as MASB merchant
  • MASB Programs and Grants can be applied online.

Where can I find the online application for the Proudmakatizen program?

  • You may access the Proudmakatizen online application form by visiting their website at and clicking on the link labeled “P5K-MAKA Tulong.”
  • After clicking on the link, you will be brought to an online application form that has to be filled out.
  • Include a photograph of a driver’s license or another form of identification issued by the government along with your submission.

Things you really must be aware of in regard to proudmakatizen

Those who download the app are eligible to get 5 KP for each person in the country. Each and every Proud Makati Citizen would be eligible to earn $5,000 if their family consisted of a husband and wife, as well as an adult kid over the age of 18, and provided all of the other qualifications were satisfied.

  • After a period of six business days, the money will be distributed to the general population.
  • The most typical form of payment is referred to as Gcash.
  • In addition to the $5,000 a year that they have previously been getting in benefits, senior persons now also get additional perks.
  • It’s a rather straightforward tool that just about anyone can pick up and start using right away.

How proudmakatizen works?

The user can decide whether or not to check this option according to their preferences. People who want to schedule an appointment for the collection of their Covid-19 vaccination can do so by filling out the online form that is made available on the website.

You may acquire information about the pneumonia vaccination program by selecting the type of card you have and entering your card number. This allows you to get the information you need if you are interested in the program.

In addition, inhabitants of Makati have the opportunity to register with the MASB as merchants or submit an application for a MASB grant. The extension of a business license and the payment of real estate tax are options available to natural people.

Where can I find out more information about Ayuda

A substantial amount of information concerning the distribution of help may be found in the Ayuda. It is authorized for the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to publish the list on behalf of the National government. Imagine a local citizen who has already qualified for some form of financial help from the government in the form of Gcash.

They will be notified through SMS that they have been added to the list, and they will also be able to view their own name there. After that, the person will be eligible to receive beneficiary assistance in the amount of P1,002 guaranteed. The only thing that has to be checked is whether or not the cell number and Gcash that were specified on the previous receipt have been activated, and whether or not any errors have been made in their transcription.

Within twenty-four hours after the operation, you will be able to apply for and get aid in the amount of one thousand pesos. Because of this support, the Gcash number will have its activation confirmed as well as any necessary corrections made.

Instructions on how to sign up for the newsletter Ayuda

If you have any questions about registering for Ayuda, you are welcome to get in touch with me through any of the following numbers:

  • 8870-1634
  • 8899-8997
  • 8899-9037

Following your visit to the Ayuda Makati, you will be required to fill in your last name, first name, and information on your barangay. Only then will you be granted entry to the Ayuda Makati on a qualified basis.

Final thoughts

There is also the option of obtaining a Makatizen card for the Makati citizen. You will be able to do cashless transactions no matter where you are or when you do them if you have this card since it will give you a unified form of identification. An NFC feature is present on the card, which enables it to function as a legitimate form of identification issued by the government. The cardholder is able to make use of Gcash’s wide range of financial services, which is a significant benefit.

The Proud Makatizen Ayuda website serves as a platform for the citizens of Makati City, providing them with the ability to make use of the many services available. You may also trace your identification by entering the ID number on the website where it is located. It operates within the law and provides various forms of assistance to the local populace.

The article that can be seen above is intended for readers who are interested in learning more about the content that can be found on the website We were able to supply the information that was needed, as well as explain the numerous parts that visitors may explore.

It is a central location for the city’s citizens, who may go there for a variety of tasks, including registering their vehicles.

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