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Perfect Rubbish Removal Services As Per Your Needs

The good management of your household rubbish makes it possible to improve their treatment and to recover them. By taking the trouble to sort your rubbish (before putting it in the trash), this allows you to ensure that it will be able to be recycled when possible or disposed of in the least polluting way possible. You thus contribute to reducing their environmental impact.

The French always produce more rubbish. According to the expert, annual production has doubled in 40 years and is equivalent to 573 kg per inhabitant, of which 365 kg end up in our bins and sorting containers and 225 kg in rubbish reception centers.

Faced with this observation, more and more households have made a habit of sorting their rubbish. But not all of them can necessarily be recycled: some of them end up stored or incinerated, with harmful effects on the environment. What are the different rubbish recovery channels? How to reduce the amount of rubbish produced each year? Our experts will help you take stock. From the rubbish removal Sydney service you will have the best support in that matter.

Why is it necessary to properly sort your household rubbish?

Households are responsible for the production of 3 types of rubbish:

  • The household rubbish , from domestic activity which consist essentially of food scraps or peelings, and packaging
  • The bulky (household appliances, furniture, bedding, etc.)
  • The hazardous rubbish called (batteries, paints, solvents, pesticides, drugs)

Reduce environmental pollution

Bulky or hazardous rubbish can be very polluting. Whether it is batteries, LED lamps, refrigerators or even computer equipment, all of this equipment can reject products that are harmful to the environment and toxic to humans such as acid, lithium, mercury, etc. arsenic or greenhouse gases. This rubbish requires specific sorting to limit its ecological footprint. For example, for an LED lamp, the glass is recycled, the mercury regenerated to be reused as such, and the metals making up its base are recycled in the metals sector.

Participate in recycling

Through sorting, some materials resulting from rubbish recycling can be used instead of virgin raw materials. The use of secondary raw materials saves natural resources.

How do you know where to throw them correctly?

Are you not always sure that you know the correct sorting instructions? Know that there is a solution for each type of rubbish. Several logos exist to guide you.

Look at the distinctive logos on the packaging of everyday consumer products

They indicate the instructions to follow to prepare the rubbish collection:

It has been compulsory since 2015. It indicates which recyclable products are subject to an extended producer responsibility system and which are subject to a deposit.

the crossed out bin is the historical pictogram of the Rubbish Electrical and Electronic Equipment sector. It indicates that these products should not be thrown away with household garbage but directed to separate collection points.These different logos should remind you that the product should not be thrown in the household rubbish bin but sorted at home or brought back to a collection point.

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