Norton Mobile Security: How to Protect Your Mobile Devices

It is a famous saying that you should never talk to strangers to keep you away from danger. It is the manner with your mobile device. You might reconsider downloading your device applications away from strange third-party applications that might be troublesome to your mobile device in the future.

One of the major risk factors you should avoid downloading from unusual apps that could infect your mobile device from threatening software. Threatening software can lead to someone taking authority of your private documents in your different devices. It might also give them access to your social media, passwords, or worse, your bank account information.

What is Norton Mobile Security?

One of the best methods to protect your mobile device is to put a phone security and virus protection app. Norton Mobile has been a top choice for most mobile users for its top-notch security system. Norton security helps you to detect various suspicious malware. Norton also works best against cyber threats and online scams.

It can also block threats such as thefts and malicious apps and websites that can steal your confidential information such as passwords, bank accounts, and personal information. The Norton mobile is considered one of the best and most advanced mobile security available on the web for androids. 

It is proven to be a useful antivirus software with high praises and recommendations from various review sites and magazines with years of experience. It has also received PC Magazine Editor’s Choice Award, and AV-Test granted app by Innovation award for mobile security. These perks are also available on iOS and can be downloaded in the App Store. 

Third-Party Threats

Third party threats software is applications that are made by a different person apart from the manufacturer of the mobile device itself. In simpler words, it is an application that is provided other than the device’s manufacturer.

For example, Apple’s or Android’s operating system creates a countless number of apps for their product to be more efficient. For example, camera apps are already available in our mobile devices, but various camera apps from third party apps are available online. These offer advantages for the user for various reasons until the manufacturer itself updates its system.

One of the major reasons it is a threat to our mobile devices is that it presents a security risk to us users. A third party app can access your profile and other important information from your account, which can be used to hack or duplicate your account for their good. It would be best if you kept in mind that third party apps are not illegal and should be used in proper precaution. 

How to install Norton Mobile Security?

Norton mobile security offers a 30-day service free trial for its first-time users. This is available upon your first subscription and first log-in. However, it requires activation to an annual subscription and can only be used on only one device. If you want to avoid payment from this 30-day free trial, cancel anytime on the page or in your google play account before the trial ends.

If your subscription is not canceled, your previous subscription will be renewed to a new 30-day service. This will cost you $29.99 from its original price of $24.99. So how do you install Norton Mobile Security?

Installation for Android Devices

  • Turn on your mobile device and open the play store app.
  • The search bar is at the top middle, type “Norton security and antivirus,” and select the Norton app.
  • Install the Norton app and click on “accept” to download.
  • Wait for your download to finish and click “open.”
  • Read the policy, license agreement, and term of use. Click “Accept,” then select “continue.”
  • Click on the menu icon and sign-in your account.
  • Lastly, type your user and password, and you’re good to go.

Installation for Apple Devices 

  • Open App Store.
  • Type “Norton Mobile Security” in the search bar.
  • Install the device to your Apple device.
  • Wait for the installation of Norton Mobile Security to finish.
  • Launch the app.
  • Read the privacy policy, Agreement, and Term of use of Norton Mobile security. If it accustoms everything to your liking, click, agree.
  • Sign in your Norton account, or you can create one if it’s your first time.


All of us are fond of downloading different apps for our daily use. We like to install free games without us knowing what it can cause in our mobile device. It might have contained any hidden tracker that can have access to your confidential information. As technology continues to improve, cyber threats also upgrade with it.

The best go-to application to avoid this kind of malware is the Norton Mobile Security. With its various helpful features and high praises and recommendations from review sites and magazines, it ranks on top as the best go-to app for mobile security.

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