Moose Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About

If you’re from Alaska, you probably know a thing or two about Moose. But if you’re not, then all you know about these animals are what you see on TV or what you read about them in books. What are the things we genuinely don’t know about these majestic creatures? Here are some moose facts that you probably didn’t know about:

Canada Has More Moose Than Alaska

For our first moose facts, let’s talk about numbers Moose or animal documentaries may have got you to believe that Alaska has more moose than anyplace in the world. It is actually Canada that is the country with the largest moose population. Don’t worry because the Moose population isn’t concentrated in this one country alone. 

If you live or happen to visit Alaska and the New England area, chances are you’ll bump into a moose every now and then. Other places like Fennoscandia, Russia, and other European countries like Lithuania and Latvia have their fair share of moose. If you desperately want to get up close and personal with these animals, then you’d increase your chances by going to these areas.

Plural Form Of Moose Is Still Moose

You probably think that the plural form of moose is “Mooses” or “Meese.” But, the correct plural form for this deer species is still actually moose. So, you might want to be concise when you refer to a single or collective group of moose to avoid confusion.

A Moose Can Dive Up To 6 Meters

While it may be true that a moose can look heavy and bulky, these animals are still pretty good swimmers and divers. This deer species can quickly dive down up to 20 feet deep waters or six meters, to be exact. 

They can dive depths like these so that they can get to the marine plants at the bottom of lakes and rivers. They can also dive down because of their big nostrils. You can compare their nostrils like a snorkel as they use it as their breathing apparatus while diving. Amazing how a deer species have a built-in valve that keeps the water out when they dive.

Wolves And Bears Are Predators Of Moose

A Moose may be big and bulky in size, but they’re definitely not at the top of the food chain. Wolves and bears are some of the predators of the moose. You’ll be able to find these bears and wolves in almost the same environments and habitats as the moose.

So, it isn’t a huge mystery as to why these predators are always targeting moose. There are approximately 7,000 to 10,000 wolves that hunt for moose, to be exact. So, in the case of a moose, it’s quite a population looking for them and viewing them as food.

Moose Meat Is Protein Rich

Moose is the perfect source of protein if you want to get bulky and build some muscle. You could easily only take in a hundred calories for every 100-grams of moose meat. Without a doubt, moose meat has one of the best protein to calorie ratios when it comes to protein sources. If you live in places wherein there’s a moose population, it is a viable option.

Moose meat also brings essential amino acids to the table. Given that it has 22 grams of protein to go with it, it quickly backs up the conclusion as a viable protein source. Without a doubt, moose meat can do a lot of good stuff to your body as well as your growth, development, and sustenance.

Antlers Have A High Price

One of the main reasons why people hunt for moose is because of their antlers. An antler of a moose can sell for around $10 or $15 per pound. In turn, if you can hunt a moose with more massive and bigger antlers, the more money you can make out of it. Many people are already hunting moose for cash, so don’t expect to be a pioneer for moose hunting today.

Moose Are Gentle Creatures

We’ll have to thank mother nature for not making all moose aggressive. Many terrible and scary things would happen if moose, that grow up as tall as seven-foot and almost two tons, are aggressive in nature. Moose are often gentle and solitary, so they should be rarely aggressive.

You’ll often find moose just minding their own business and eating plants and other greens. But, you’ll still have to be cautious if you somehow provoke these creatures. You’ll also need to be extra careful if it’s the mating season. However, they’d bluff an attack to stay safe without actually needing to fight.


Those were some of our favorite facts about moose. They are gentle and, without a doubt, adorable in their own way. It is always good to know a few things about these solitary creatures. There are still plenty of things we don’t know about these creatures. Best believe we’ll have them ready for you in case new ones pop up.

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